What Kind of Yarn for Jammies?

I’m a new knitter that apparently is glutton for punishment. I couldn’t find what I wanted (completely) so I’m having to convert, resize and redesign a couple of patterns I’ve found to get what I want. Horrifically scary. Anyway, I’m wanting to knit something like the “Honeymoon Cami” from Knitty’s site and a pair of shorts. The yarn for the shorts is the following blend: 43% cotton 42% acrylic 11% viscose 4% polyester. The cami calls for a yarn that is 54% cotton, 46% viscose.

I like the feel of the KnitPicks ShineSport which is 60% pima cotton and 40% modal. I’ve also heard that bamboo yarn is really nice for sleepwear outfit.

Was curious as to your suggestions on what yarn would be best for me to consider for this sleepwear outfit, if you have any. Thanks!!!

Bamboo would be SO soft. I also would recommend a silk bamboo blend. Mmmm. That would be lovely!

I seen in Creative Knitting magazine that there was a fleece yarn. That would make great jammie!!

i think shine would be lovely.

So I’m currently knitting with ShineSport from Knitpicks a baby hat. It is pretty soft/slick yarn and I"m having to work hard to keep it on my aluminum needles. Don’t mind for this smaller project but if I get to doing my jammies, is there a needle that you gals/guys would recommend that wouldn’t be SOO slick with such a sleek yarn? Should I use “Bamboo”. LOL… Okay that was stupid but I’ve not yet had enough coffee to make up for the lack of sleep I had last night due to my babies and I found the bamboo yarn/bamboo needles combo funny.

Thank you all…

I’m really excited about embarking on this project. As I develop my pattern, however, I may have a few other questions. Thanks in advance for your guidance.:muah: