What kind of stitch?

Does someone know what this stitch is called? I want to make the bag, but make it a bit wider and shorter so I want to know if I need a certain stitch count or something.



I looked at the link and it says it’s called ‘bauble stitch’. I don’t do crochet but I think it should be fairly easy to change the bag dimensions.

Can’t find anything about it though. I’m a beginner so I am not certain how to modify things :slight_smile: I also find the pattern not so beginner-friendly and a tad confusing.
I guess I’ll just find another bag pattern similar to this stitch.

I found it on Ravelry which has a link that will take you to the pattern. It’s written for dk yarn; using worsted with the appropriate hook would make it larger. If it would be enough wider then do fewer row repeats to make it shorter. I see V stitch and bauble mentioned. I’ve not had enough coffee to try figuring out the multiple. Maybe someone else is awake enough to do it.


If you only did knitting, I know I’ve seen a really similar knit stitch! And it would probably be easier to work out the stitch count. Ah well, lol.

I’d look at the pattern again later, but I just find her way of writing the pattern a bit confusing. I’m thinking of making a wider base since I’m intending to use it as a beach bag. Ive found tutorials on how to make a base (oval, square, etc), but I guess my main problem is how to transition to the bauble pattern after I’ve reached the size that I want for the base.

I had coffee and woke up enough to realize there is a chart. Duh.
It looks like a multiple of 6 to me. If I started and was off by a stitch or two I’d I’d do an increase or decrease to compensate and keep on hooking.



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Glad you provided tha name of the pattern and a link.

Begin Bauble Pattern:
(also, see chart)
Rnd 1: Ch 5 (counts as dc, ch-2), dc in same
dc that was used to join previous rnd (first V-
st completed), *sk 4 dc, V-st in next dc; rep
from * around, sl st into third ch of beg ch-5
to join—26 V-sts.

First the repeat is 5 stitches and is repeated 26 times for a round of 130 sts.


Thanks! Just to confirm, the V-stitch is this part: Ch 5 (counts as dc, ch-2), dc in same
dc that was used to join previous rnd ?

Just for the first v stitch. Then skip 4 DC and DC in next st. Ch 2 DC in the same stitch. Repeat 24 more times. Sl stitch to 3rd chain of the first stitch to join round.o

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Thank you!!