What kind of stitch is this?

Hi there, I’ve had the hardest time trying to find out what stitch this is, or if it’s even knitting!

sorry it’s not the best pic, any help much appreciated!

It looks very nice but I’m afraid the resolution, at least on my computer screen isn’t good enough to tell the stitch. Can you give us a link to the source or was this a photo that you took?

it was a screenshot I took on a show, in Dr. Quinn medicine woman, episode " the library" right after the title intro song, someone is wearing it :slight_smile: I’m afraid there’s no other way for me to get a better pic :frowning:

Ah, apparently Dr. Quinn is famous for its crocheted shawls. I tried Crochetville and Ravelry but still came up blank. Pinterest has photo after photo but I didn’t see one like your photo…
Someone else may yet recognize it and reply.

Yes, there are TONS, I love them all and attempt to recreate them all and give/ sell to friends, but I just have a passion for them.

Thanks for being so kind, I know the picture isn’t great.

For now, I believe I might be able to get a similar look by some sort of drop stitch.