What kind of needles?

I just went out and purchased my first ball of yarn and knitting needles. Most people told me to start with 10’s, so that is what I got, but at the store I was unsure of what type I should get.

Are metal needles better than bamboo or plastic? Are there advantages of using one over the other with certain types of yarn?

I got the bamboo ones because I thought they were much prettier than the funny colored metal or plastic ones, but I don’t want to set myself up for a hard time.

What kind do you use?

i started on nothing but bamboo and loved it…didn’t buy anything but. now i use nothing but metal. i would say if you are brand spankin’ new, bamboo is the way to go because they aren’t as slippery so your yarn isn’t going to fall off as easily. save buying metal needles for places like hobby lobby and michaels because they cost way less than they would at the LYS and you can often get them on sale there!

oh and bamboo is great for when your yarn is slippery too…like a ribbon yarn, because they will keep it from sliding too much while you are working.

I think you made a good choice with bamboo…although, this is such a matter of personal preference. Some like the slippiness of metal needles. I dont. I think that metal needles can cause a tendency to knit tightly in a new knitter. I prefer my Denise’s (interchangeable circular set…they are made out of resin) or bamboo. Denise’s actually have a feel similar to bamboo…

Many LYSs keep a container of different needles out for people to try. Once you get the basic sts down, why dontcha pop in to your LYS and see if you can try a few different needles to see if you like them better?

I love my Denise set also. For straights, I adore my Bryspun flex needles. They have really good points, aren’t too heavy, are warm in the hand. I got mine at my LYS, but I’ve seen them on line too.