WHat kind of needles for socks?

I am interested in trying a simple sock pattern, and this tutorial:


says I need double pointed needles. WHat size? Shape? Material? I have seen online wooden ones, now I don’t know what to buy.:shrug:


Size - Follow the recommendations Silver has for the type of yarn you will be using. Length is up to you, I like shorter ones - 6 or 7" should be ok for you.

Material - oh, what a can of worms, LOL. That is [I][B]entirely[/B][/I] a personal preference. Wooden or bamboo are nice and have a little “stick” to them, so you’re less likely to lose stitches. But if you knit tight, you might fight them. Even though I knit tight, I like them (although I do most socks on 2 circs with Addi turbos). Metal is slicker, but may cause you grief if you knit looser, since stitches will more easily slide.

Your best best is to get some sets of each kind, as budget allows, and “test drive” them for yourself. Try to get sets of 5 (some come in sets of 4), that way you can decide if you like to have your work on 3 needles and knit with the 4th, or 4 needles and knit with the 5th.

Definitely the material is up to you, but I’ve found the wood double points to be the easiest for socks because the stitches don’t slide off as easily.

Notice that she tells you what SIZE you need, dependent on what type of yarn you’re going to use…

[B]Supplies Needed [/B]
If you’re using:
[COLOR=#9966cc]-Sock weight or Fingering weight yarn - approx 420 yards, and either size 2 or size 3 Double Pointed Needles[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#6699cc]-Sport or Double Knitting weight yarn - approx 350 yards, and either size 4 or size 5 Double Pointed Needles[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#669966]-Worsted weight yarn - approx 285 yards, and either size 6 or size 7 Double Pointed Needles.[/COLOR]

I like the Susan Bates needles for sock knitting; they’re lightweight, and although they’re metal, they’re coated with a plasticy coating that makes them less slippery. Of course, rather than invest in a lot of dpns, you might just want to try knitting a sock with the MagicLoop methos (also known as one long circular) as described by Amy on this site’s help videos. I’ve just learned it and am saying bye-bye to my huge collection of dpns. I mean, I’m not going to sell them, but I’m not using them right now either !

I keep hearing about this “Magic Loop” method. I guess I’d better check it out, thanks!

How do I translate the pattern to use with a magic loop, or will it be self-evident?