*what kind of knitting needles are YOU?*


I am bamboo, the description is me to a T. :teehee: Funny thing though I use addis and metal needles…not bamboo.

I’m interchangeable.

I kinda feel more like the yarn in the picture though… soft and warm and fuzzy…

…I guess I should shave my legs… ugggg…

I am bamboo. It really does describe me. The thought of that warm, caramel covered bread pudding could easily send me over the edge! Or make my day! Love bread pudding! :hug:

:woot: I’m interchangeable :woot: Yes, I loooooooooooooove being an Options woman :heart: :heart: :heart:

Nadja xxx

I’m the only plastic here…

Turbo :shrug:

I got pink aluminum :teehee:

You are bamboo.
Warm, cozy, and thoughtful, you take your time and enjoy how things feel, smell, and taste. You love the craft and beauty of traditional things, and you value the comfort and experience of knitting as much as the results. But while you are reveling in your warm cozies, don’t get stuck. Warm is wonderful, but so is the whole wide world!


You are pink aluminum.
Retro, straightforward and fun, you love classic things. If they’re 99 cents at Goodwill all the better! You are moved by striking colors and tasty morsels, and you like a stitch-n-bitch session in the sun. Just remember, while you’re being kitschy cool, don’t get too cold. Ice cubes are best kept in your cocktails, baby!

I really prefer Denise’s… but I am very classic. :teehee: I love chocolate, and plain coffee… oh well… classics only get better w/ age… right?

Faye, you’re my long lost twin!

so I’m pretty much turbo charged needles! hmm… lol if only! :-p

I’m interchangeable too! I hope I’m a set of options…

Same lol… never used it but would like to have one :teehee:

Fun quiz. I’m Interchangeable. :happydance:

Me too! I don’t like coffee (but love the drinks from the coffee shops as long as they DON’T have coffee in them). I picked tea because if I had to make a choice, that would be it.

It’s kind of funny because I just finished a project (the dreadful sweater bag) on bamboo circulars.

I’m turbo, but I like knitpicks needles best. even if they’re not german.

i’m turbo-charged…

You are “turbo” charged.
Fast moving and classy, you get things done with power and grace. Your expensive tastes can be deceiving, since what you really value is quality and efficiency. As you’re careening around those corners in life, finishing a dozen knitted objects each month, stop and smell the roses. Don’t miss the beauty of process!

re: finishing a dozen knitting objects each month.
unfortunately, that’s absolute crapola! :doh:

Ok…it’s my first post here :cheering: I took the test and I’m aluminum too!!! :pout: Aluminum is good…right? Iwon’t rust, dent, ding, burn or melt…aluminum is good. If I keep saying that I’ll be ok…no therapy need… Aluminum is good…Aluminum is good… :eyes:

That was fun… I am interchangeable :happydance: