*what kind of knitting needles are YOU?*

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i am interchangeable :happydance:

Me, too…now I just need to get a set!

i am apparently turbo charged… i wish that were true :teehee: i’d certainly get more done

Interchangeable here, too. :teehee:

bamboo here

I got the same: “You are “turbo” charged.
Fast moving and classy, you get things done with power and grace. Your expensive tastes can be deceiving, since what you really value is quality and efficiency. As you’re careening around those corners in life, finishing a dozen knitted objects each month, stop and smell the roses. Don’t miss the beauty of process!”

Yeah, I wish it were more true too–quite the opposite!

fun quiz :slight_smile: I’m “turbo” too…

Interchangable. :shrug:

I’m bamboo !!! :?? funny - never used them before :teehee:

You are bamboo.Warm, cozy, and thoughtful, you take your time and enjoy how things feel, smell, and taste. You love the craft and beauty of traditional things, and you value the comfort and experience of knitting as much as the results. But while you are reveling in your warm cozies, don’t get stuck. Warm is wonderful, but so is the whole wide world!

But I never used it just as Amanda

Bamboo for me too, but I got stuck because I don’t drink tea or coffee so I am not sure I am accurate! :shrug: :smiley: Funny, I might be bamboo, but I have trouble knitting with anything but aluminum! :rofl:


You are interchangeable.Fun, free, and into everything, you’ve got every eventuality covered and every opportunity just has to be taken. Every fiber is wonderful, and every day is a new beginning. You are good at so many things, it’s amazing, but you can easily lose your place and forget to show up. They have row counters for people like you!

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I’m pink aluminum…I wanna be bamboo :waah: I don’t like aluminum…they’re too slippery, and I don’t want to be slippery :verysad:

Maybe that’s why I don’t like these “tests”…which doesn’t explain why I keep taking them. :teehee:

I don’t drink tea or coffee either and I’m bamboo :teehee: I think I chose milky latte or something - lesser of two evils :shrug:

I’m bamboo, too. warm and cozy, that’s me… :rofl:

But… I am NOT plastic!

No wonder! Just yesterday, I began researching electronic row/stitch/pattern repeat counters. :teehee:

I’m turbo.

Ha! I wish that were true… then I might actually finish things instead of having 2340984 WIPs!

According to the quiz, I am turbo charged. They are my favorite needles, but I don’t think it’s a very accurate description of me. :shrug:

I’m bamboo too! What a surprise-shock is more like it.