What kind of knitting bag do you have?

I am looking for a small bag to keep what I am using in my current project, with good organization and something else for everything else I have, just to organize (storage bin?)
I am using a plastic bag right now :blush: but am on the market for something decent. :thumbsup:

here’s a good thread to follow…


and another…


btw…i just briefly checked out your site and this was my favorite line…

my JuJubaby supports Natural Parenting, Breastfeeding, Cloth Diapering and more!

:happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

Thank you!!! For both posts! :thumbsup:
I have to add “Knitting” now that I got sucked into this world :heart:

Yay! Another cloth diapering, breastfeeding mama! The reason I got back into knitting was because the cost of wool pants and soakers was so high! I’ve heard great things about using wool, especially at night. (Though I use AngelWraps AIO’s and they’re GREAT.)

We’re quite a little niche group!