What kind of increase to use for gloves?

I’m trying to knit my first pair of gloves. The pattern says to “inc. 1 st in next st.” What kind of increase should I use? I don’t know the different kinds. I was planning on watching the videos on this site. Also, I imagine there will be decreases as well, though I haven’t gotten to that part yet. Is there a specific type for that as well? Lastly, should stitches be slipped knit-wise or purl-wise?

Here is the pattern, if that helps: http://www.freevintageknitting.com/mittens/617-gloves-pattern.html

I like to use KLL and KRL depending on where the increase is. However, any will work as long as they don’t leave a hole or a obvious bar like KFB. The “M” increases would also work. Here’s the video page.

When a pattern reads ‘increase [B]in[/B] a stitch’ it’s a kfb. The other increases are made between sts, not in one. If you use a m1 or other inc, it may throw off the sections where the incs are.