What kind of increase do you like? (re my shrug)

Hi all…

I have a quick question. I just reviewed Amy’s various increases and also read a good article at Interweave magazine… but I’m still wondering, what kind of increases do you prefer?

Esp if you are doing rib on a sleeve. Maybe it doesn’t matter for my shrug coz I’m leaving the ribbing behind as I make the sleeve for the shrug, here’s the instructions:


On the dpns cast on 32 stitches. Place marker to mark first stitch.
Cuff: k2 p2 ribbing for 2 inches.
Next row: Increase one stitch every 8 stitches.
Next row: Increase one stitch every 8 stitches.

Begin drop stitch thus:
Row 1: yo k1 around.
Row 2: drop yo, k1 around.
Repeat these two rows ending with row 2 until piece measures 12 inches from CO (or measurement needed for your sleeve length).

Yo seems easiest. Does it matter for this shrug?

Thanks for any tips!

P.S. Interweave Magazine has a good article on increasing (you might have to be a subscriber like I am to get to it I’m not sure… )

They (she) says a Bar Increase (Knitting into front of stitch then into back) is practically invisible in ribbing if you do it after the knit stitch and before the purl. Maybe I’m being knitpicky but I’m on a learning streak this week!

When you do a yo increase, you leave an eyelet. If you are increasing 16 st over the next two rows, do you want 16 extra holes? I would go with the M1 or k into front and back of st also, for its near invisibility and save the holes for the pattern. :smiley:

Thanks Ingrid! I was waiting for a reply all day! You’re right, I don’t want extra ‘holes’. My problem is solved.

gratefully yours,   :inlove: