What kind of cable is this?

Hello everyone,

I just joined. I used to knit lots of sweaters and vests for my dolls when I was a kid and have just recently picked up knitting again (after teaching myself to crochet). I have been looking for some pretty sweaters to knit and have been trying to figure out the cable stitch on the sleeves of the sweater on the photo attached. Any idea what it is? Or how many stitches are involved in it? Please advise if you can. Thanks!

Is there a pattern for this…I think it’s just a 6 or 8 cable and spaced out …like instead of every 6 rows maybe they did every 8 rows…I will see if I can find that cable pattern.

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I think they did 6 or 8 cable front and 8 back alternating

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Unfortunately there is no pattern, I tried asking for it but got no reply, probably because this girl is selling her sweaters. I just want to knit it for me:) thanks

How is that done?

Here is another closeup

I think this is a free pattern for that cable.

Looks like it’s on a kid’s sweater so it takes up most of the arm. It wouldn’t have the same effect on an adult sweater.


Yes I think it’s 8 cable pattern but also she has like knit 3 or 4 before and after the cable…I would try a sample like this and play around…knit 4 then cable pattern then knit 4 at end. I’m not to good with this but Google knitted 8 stitch cable stitches and here is a link to ahttp://www.redheart.com/free-patterns/casual-cables-throw cable
pattern that looks like her sleeve. I hope that helps some…I keep looking for you as well.:two_hearts:

This looks exactly the same! I will check out the pattern! Thanks so much!

It is the one on the top right in the photo… now it’s looking really different from a standard cable

It’s acrually adult sweater

It’s a braided cable, a slight variation on a simple cable. See the pattern the Mike linked to above in post 7.

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No it’s the same …you need to try it out cable is super easy…it’s only putting a few stitches on a cable or extra needle and put it either in the front of the work or back…there is great tutorial on YouTube for cables that’s how I learned them…

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Thank you all so much! You have been very helpful!