What kind of board do you block on?

I need a blocking board and am really not handy enough to make one, but they are so expensive! I saw one I liked at Guardian Tablepad, but it’s still around $60. Tell me what a good investment this is. :slight_smile: Or tell me what you do.

I am back to recommend my “blocking board” once again! Seriously, I love it and I’m blocking a sweater on it right now. It’s a cardboard measuring/cutting board for sewing. It’s gridded out to inches/centimeters, has measurements for angles and arcs. It folds out to over 6 feet in length and more than 3 feet wide, but it folds flat to as small as 18 inches by 36 inches to store in a closet or whatever.

I bought it at Fabric Place, I bet they sell similar things at the chains or you various LYSs or sewing shops. It cost me $15! :woot: All I did was wrap the entire thing in a box of saran wrap so the cardboard doesn’t get soggy. I’ve used it over and over with no problems. Hooray!

I’m sorry I don’t a specific place to get it or name, but here’s a picture so you know what to look for:

Oh, I am so glad you posted pics of your board! I am doing a project that really needs to be blocked, and not the half-ass blocking I usually get away with. I’ll have to run to the quilt shop this weekend.

Wow! I’m so excited about a $15 blocking board. I’m going to look for it. Thanks so much!