What kind/brand spindle do you use?

I have one I bought from Shandeh. I’m thinking of buying another one.

Possibly a top whorl?

which one do you do use or prefer.

I love my greensleeves bare bones, and bought it from the woolery. And the goldings are just gorgeous http://www.dropspindle.info/.

I am dying to get me a Golding! They are so pretty. Apparently they are wonderful spinners as well. Right now I have a Nina spindle from Grafton Fibers
It spins so nicely :slight_smile:

I don’t spin yet (getting there)… is it bad that I want one of these??


Hmm…is it a bong or a spindle??? :roflhard::roflhard:

Jk, they are very pretty, however, it would be broken probably before it even entered my house.

I have two Schacht Hi-Lo spindles that I adore. You can use them as either top- or bottom-whorl, and they come in a variety of weights. And they are only $16…how can you go wrong? :mrgreen:

Spunky has 'em…don’t look at the fiber though… :inlove:

What weight is the best to use? Are they used for different types of fiber?

I started with the 3 oz., which most people would tell you is bad – I didn’t know any better, though, and it worked out fine for me. I can spin fine on it if I have to, but really it’s fab for plying because I can fit so much yarn on it. :thumbsup:

If you have to pick one, though, I’d say go for the 2.2 :mrgreen:

I just ordered one this morning! :slight_smile:

I have a Schacht Hi-Lo spindle also. I love it! I’m glad you decided to go with one. :slight_smile:

Im waiting inpatiently for my spindle to show up!!!

Good choice. When is it supposed to arrive?

My current favorite is my Golding 3". Just bought a Greensleeves Loki I’m spinning some camel down on, very nice.

I got it on Monday!! She shipped it on Saturday too! There was a back order and email issues but I am SOOOO thrilled with it.

I’ve already spun some of my Lisa’s Knit BFL on it and am LOVING it!!!

I thought I lost my camera battery charger but found it last night so when I get home tonight I will be showing it off :slight_smile:

I just picked up a 3" 2.2oz hi-lo from my lys yesterday $16.50! What’s the best way for a beginner to learn, hi or lo?

I use mine as a Hi and I LOVE it!

I tried mine as a low and it worked, not bad for my first time, I’ll have to post pics tomorrow but would really like to try it as a high, seems like that would be easier. :think:

I just posted 2 pics hereon post #7. what do you think?
I like using it as a hi much better! I want to order another one and some pretty fiber from lisa soazy (sp)…