What I've learned about KnitPicks

Disclaimer: I love this store

But, I have realized that if you PAY for the best way shipping, you will receive your order quickly. I ordered on the 17th, it shipped on the 20th and I got it today the 22nd.

However, if you get the “free” shipping then it takes 2 weeks to get your stuff. Ordered on the 7th, shipped on the 11th and I got it yesterday, the 21st.

Quite the difference huh?

Actually I think it depends. I have had free shipping take a full 2 weeks or more and I have had it take less than a week and been really surprised.

It does depend. I don’t buy much at a time from them, so am usually in the lowest tier of the paid shipping. It takes from less than a week to 10 days to arrive.

I have only ordered once from KP but I got the free shipping and my package arrived 5 days later.

I always get the free shipping and it usually takes between 5-7 days for me :shrug:

I think with them it depends on where you live on how fast you get your package it usually takes only about 5 days for me to get mine or if i choose 3rd day it is usually here the next day, but it ships from ohio and i live in indiana.

Yep, just depends. As long as everything is in stock I usually get my order in 5 days no matter if I pay for shipping or get free shipping. I don’t think that they do anything to specifically hold up “free shipping” orders.

Ya’ll are probably right. I just didn’t understand why it sat in the distribution center in Ohio for 3 days then again in Sacramento for 3 days but I think that is a post office issue. It definitely won’t stop me from buying more stuff from KP. :slight_smile:

Yep, it always takes my stuff 10 to 14 days to get to me if I get the free shipping. So fine, I either prepare myself for that or pay for the shipping. I do like the fact that if you pay for shipping, they pack up your order and send it off a little fast than most places…

I think it depends on the size of your order. I have had $50 free shipping orders come to me in about 4 days. But, I have had $100 come to me in 2 weeks.

I have found when I am in no hurry for something I have ordered from them that they come VERY quickly. If it is something I want right away though and don’t pay the extra for the faster shipping, it takes 2 weeks to get to me. And I can’t find a real pattern to it so I can judge whether it is worth paying or not. Thankfully most stuff I get from KP anymore I am not in a hurry for so I can just go with the free shipping. :slight_smile:

It’s never taken more than a week for me to get a shipment. (I always choose free shipping and generally order just enough to qualify for free shipping.)

The speed my last order arrived astounded me. I placed the order on Wednesday and received it (in NJ) on Friday.

Robyn, I had a package from them (free shipping) that was “misrouted” by the post office and it took 3 weeks to reach me–it was definitely the post office fault, not theirs. They did kindly offer to replace my shipment if the delay continued. I thought that showed good faith on their part. Most of my shipments receive in less than 10 days. I live in South Carolina. I just love their stuff and frankly the free shipping makes it affordable for me. Thanks!

I’ve been thrilled with KP’s free shipping. I ordered items on a Saturday morning and they arrived Tuesday afternoon.
Can’t beat that!
The following week I ordered stuff on a Friday afternoon and the order arrived Tuesday afternoon.
KP Rocks!!!

I ordered my Options on the 12th with free shipping and got them on the 18th. I think the delivery thing has more to do with USPS than anything. :shrug:

I agree with Jan, Knitpicks always ships the package the same or next day but their shipping service is bad. The smartpost service that they use for shipping is very very slow and inconsistent. Sometimes my packages will arrive into the sorting station within one day and be stuck in the sorting station for almost a week! other times though, it gets released quickly from the sorting station to USPS.

A few days ago I called KP’s and ordered the interchangeable set of Harmoney needles. They sent me an email a few hours later saying it was shipped out that same day :woot:with the free shipping. So I am hoping to get them here this week.:woohoo:

Knitpicks always ships the package the same or next day
Well that isn’t always the case either because I placed an order on the 7th and it was not packaged and shipped until the 11th! That was the one w/free shipping.

It really doesn’t matter, I just thought I finally figured it out and really, it’s just random. LOL I still love their stuff, especially their needles!!

When there’s a weekend involved, they might not ship until the Monday following.

When I’ve ordered from knitpicks the LONGEST it has taken for them to SHIP the item was still under 24 hours.

But once they ship it it is out of their hands. I’ve had “overnight” take 4 days - and the free standard USPS come in two days.

But since the USPS can take 10 days to get a first class letter from the local post office to my house (7 miles) the fact I get ANY parcels is a miracle.