What is

100% Handspun Wool Slub?

Could it be an Australian term for skein or ball? :??
I looked it up and it seems “slub” is used in Australian yarn web sites.
Don’t know for sure though :thinking:

Slub yarn has bumps, nubs and uneven texture in the yarn. It’s also called “thick/thin yarn”.
Here’s an example.

here’s sumthin …

Silver you are truly a goddess. You know EVERYTHING knitty!!! :notworthy:

Thanks! the yarn i saw did have bumps on it! they said it was good for felting… what yould happen to the bumps if felted!? :thinking:

doesn’t she??!?! Sil is the best!!!

Goddess? Uh, probably not. Geek is more like it.

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It would probably make an interesting texture! :thumbsup:


I get it, Silver!


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