What is your preferred sewing/grafting method

for horizontal to vertical seaming, such as a sleeve into an armhole? I was persuing my Vogue Knitting and Knitter’s Bible in preparation for my first real seaming experience for sewing the sleeves into the armholes of the baby bolero, and one option was to graft live stitches (the vertical ones, like from the top of the sleeve) to the bound off edge of the armhole. Would this be any easier or achieve a better effect than a plain bound-off top of sleeve to the armhole edge? Of course it’s too late now because I’ve already bound off the top of the sleeves, but in consideration for future reference.

In Vogue Knitting, I’ve used the “invisible vertical to horizontal” technique on p.100. Just be sure to pick up an extra stitch on the “row” piece every once in a while to make up for the difference between rows and stitches. It helps to pin first.

I also use a crochet hook a LOT when seaming, but like the 3NBO (which i also used) it leaves a ridge, so it isn’t good for places where you want an invisible seam.

I personally think that grafting live stitches would be more of a challenge than the invisible technique I mentioned above… but I think that’s a personaly preference thing that’s different for each knitter.

Yup, that was one of the techniques I was looking at. I used the 3NBO for the shoulder seams and it turned out great. I was also looking at the open stitches to bound off stitches on page 104 too, but like I said, the cow (or is it horse?) has left the barn on that one.

I like to stare at it and hope it fixes itself somehow by osmosis. Failing that so far I’ve been lucky enough to knit in the round and not needed to seam too much so far =D