What is your "ONE THING"

Everyone has at least one, weird, mildly embarassing fact about themselves that they do not usually share with others. It could be that they hide it because it is an obsessive-compulsive impulse. Or it could be that they hide it because it’s kind of disgusting.

What is yours? Please share!


Mine is that I check out people in the movie theatre to make sure they aren’t “bombers”.:help:

If someone is sitting by themselves, or if they come in after the lights go down, I check out everything they have with them, and look them over to make sure they are “okay”. If they get up at any time during the movie, I look to see if they are taking their stuff with them, or if they are leaving a bag or purse behind.

I know it’s weird. My dh just found out about this a few weeks ago and he laughed so hard that people were turning around and asking him to be QUIET.

Anyone else have any dark secrets locked in their brain?


When I was little and I would spin in circles I would have to count how many times I’d spun, so I could unspin in the opposite direction.

Ok this is going to sound kind of weird but when I was younger and I’d go by houses at Christmas time I’d give them a kind of rating with a smile. If their lights were good they’d get a big simile, if they were ok, then they’d get kind of a grin, and if there were no lights I’d frown at them. But in doing my ratings I’d also take into account if I thought they might be Jewish or something and didn’t celebrate Christmas so if I thought they might not celebrate the holiday they just wouldn’t get a rating. I know this sounds crazy, and I just recently admitted to my mom that I used to do this, in fact I did it probably till I was about 14 or 15:oops: and sometimes I still like to do it when I see a house decorated really nicely. I know I sound crazy. I think I have a few other “things” I’ll have to think about and tell.

I like to take eggs out of the carton so that the eggs stay symmetrical. Using odd numbers of eggs was a problem before I started buying 18 eggs at a time. Since there are 3 rows in the carton I can still make a cool pattern even if I use an odd number :happydance:.

That just made me smile. :smiley:

Me? Dark, weird secrets? I have none! :wink:

I’m an obsessive skin picker, have been since I was around 15. I’ve accepted it now. It’s also a stress reliever for me. :shock:

When I was a kid I had a group of imaginary friends (not weird yet…) but I ONLY talked to them when I sitting on the toilet.

I guess it was before I learned how to read a magazine.


Who needs magazines when you have video games? :shrug: :teehee:

Me too. But it always the bottoms of my feet.:ick: Freaks the family out big time.

Um, I do that too. I can always tell when my husband has been in the eggs.


I do this Too!!! But I never thought about how much better 18 eggs would be. Thanks.

When I was little I somehow got in the habit for a short time of making this squeaky noise in my throat. I don’t think it was loud enough to hear because my mom never told me to stop it…but it was the first time I felt like, “what makes me do it and I really should stop.”:shrug:
I have been a nailbiter all my life and it embarrasses me more every year. Especially the last several years because I also have eczema on my hands and people somehow think it’s ok to gasp and point and say, "what is wrong with your skin?"x-(

Lastly, I get some brief, weird satisfaction of “grooming” hubby like monkeys do. If he has something on him like a peeling sunburn, I am glad to take care of it…I don’t want people to know I do it…but I am glad to be of service in private:oops:

I have a problem with gas stoves. They make me a little bit nervous. Not to the point I won’t use them, but just uneasy.

I was playing with the one in our kitchen when I was maybe 4 or 5 and it exploded. Burned me pretty good and wiped out the entire kitchen. They’ve made me nervous ever since.

Have I ever mentioned I was a slightly mischievous kid?

You look like a trouble maker :teehee:

i never would’ve guessed that, mason. :roflhard: and somehow, i doubt that mischievous streak has subsided much.

i have a birthmark that i hate. i mean really hate. thinking about getting lasered. :shifty:

i hate eye boogies. but they only realy bother me if they are in my eye! i am always cleaning my eyes out, wiping away gunk.
my other issue is hard candies. i can never ever just suck them away. i’ve tried. even when i am trying to just suck on them, i bite and crunch it away. it bugs me, but i have yet to change. :slight_smile:

I do this too, especially with Werther’s and Cream Savers:teehee:

I have the same egg problem. I’ve even been known to throw one away if it doesn’t come out even.

You couldn’t get me within a block of a gas stove since the one blew up in my face and caught me on fire. Forget Stop, Drop, and Roll… that’s the last thing that goes through your mind…

I also refuse to sleep lying flat. I sleep in a recliner, shoved close to the wall so it won’t go all the way back.