What is your most favorite online yarn store?

Just wondering what is everyones most favorite yarn store online!!! I have a couple bookmarked, but I was just wondering if there where more out there that carries the most brand spankinest new yarns?!? I’m looking for Berroco’s new yarn, NaturLin. Very few places have it and what they do have, isn’t the color I’m looking for…


You might want to ask one of the places that carries it if they will special order the color you want. Lots of places will do that.
As for online yarn stores…there are tons…just depends on what you are looking for :slight_smile:

I just saw the NaturLin yarn in a nice selection of colors at kyarns.com. Good luck.

I love both Webs (yarn.com) and KnitPicks.com. KnitPicks has their own line of really inexpensive, natural fiber yarns, and I’ve always been really happy with my purchases from them. They also sell some great knitting needles. My only beef is that their standard shipping takes a long time (a couple of weeks). But for substituting yarns (when you can’t afford to get a bunch of $10 balls for a sweater), they’re my favorite.

Webs has the yarns you’ll see in patterns (Berroco, Debbie Bliss, etc.) and I shop their sales, which are GREAT.

Hope you like these.