What is your favorite

Fiber to spin? what is your least favorite…and what do you do with it?

I have thoroughly enjoyed spinning some alpacha I traded for… I like most wool as long as it is not real course… I spun some that my fingers got sore because it was so course. Im not sure what to do with some of the homespun I have made… but some of it is going to be woven into bags… If my daughter ever gets her weaving project done :wall:

My favorite fiber is Blue Faced Leicester wool. It’s just a perfect fiber in my opinion. It’s not too expensive, it has a nice staple length, it’s soft, super easy to draft, takes dye well, and… well, it’s just perfect. I’ve spun all sorts of fibers and each has it’s own charm, but BFL is just lovely to work with. There’s nothing fussy about it what so ever.

And ps… my favorite supplier for undyed BFL is coppermoose.com ($16.50/pound), and for dyed BFL, spunkyhats.com $10/4oz (i think).

Least favorite fiber? Tough one… that’s like asking what my least favorite knit stitch is. I love em all.

I sell most of my hand spuns, or just display them in a basket until I decide what to knit with them.