What is your favorite yarn?

Excluding the fact that certain yarns are better for some projects than others, what is your favorite yarn to work with and why is it your favorite? Softness? Easy to work with? Colors?

I’m a total n0ob but so far, I like Vanna White yarn, it seems less…fuzzy or something than Red Heart. Never could find the centre pull on the blue VW yarn I’m currently using though.

I guess I have favorite yarns for different types of projects. I really like Patons Classic Wool Merino for sweaters to be handwashed and for felting. I prefer machine washable for sweaters and items to be washed often like socks so that would be Encore Worsted or DK that is still partially wool. Patons Decor is good too. I really like Patons Kroy Socks for machine washable fingering weight socks. They are reasonably priced for those on a budget like myself but not extremely low priced either. I do use other yarns, like the bulky Lopi I am knitting a sweater with or the Red Heart SS I just finished an afghan with.

When knnitting for my daughter, anything washable…but probably her favorite is Lion Brand’s Wool Ease. She says it is soft and pretty. My favorite sock yarn comes from Lorna’s Laces, the colors are just so pretty! The longer I knit, the less I like knitting with acrylic yarns…they squeak on my needles and it drives me nuts. I guess I am a wool woman!

Over the years I’ve made lots of baby gifts, so I’ve used numerous washable acrylics. Usually something by Patons or Bernat, never had it squeak or feel icky.

My current favourite yarn is James C. Brett [B]Marble Chunky[/B], just made a scarf from it. Great colours, and so soft!!

When it comes to worsted weight acrylic, I love Vanna’s Choice. And when it comes to bulky, I adore Permium’s Serenity. My goodness, you could lose yourself in that softness. And for sock weight yarn, I will admit this only under torture, but I do prefer Red Heart self-striping to just about any other sock yarn I’ve used.

I did just do a cloche style hat in Nob Hill’s Alpaca Charm and fell immediately in love with it’s softness. The colors I got were pretty brilliant too.

For just about anything I love barrett worseted cotton (hope I spelled that correctly). My son loves the washable chellien (spelled wrong I’m sure) I can’t remember who its by but its $9 for one spool so I don’t get to use it often. I’m also quickly becoming a fan of bamboo blends, and Chunky arycilics aren’t bad I use them for scarves unforchantanly for me I’m allergic to wool it breaks me out and I itch so I can’t use it:(
Those are my favorites.

For run of the mill, commercial yarn, it would have to be Patons Classic Wool for sure! Just some really nice stuff there…at a decent cost.

As for material, I like wool and Alpaca, but I have started liking the mohair blended with wool I can get at Wellington Fibres. They raise Angora goats, and do all their stuff locally. It is really nice stuff!

Although I’m too sensitive to wear it I adore Plymouth Encore. The colors are beautiful and many and I like knitting with it. I use a lot for charity projects that don’t require wool.

I made myself a sweater with James C Brett Marble Chunky and I love it! It’s a little fuzzy, but it was easy to knit with and it’s pretty.

I never noticed squeaking with acrylic. I think it must be the way some people knit or possibly a different needle type. Anyway, I like Carons Simply Soft and Red Heart SOFT (not super saver…hate that stuff).

I like a lot of wools, but I just can’t wear them. :doh:

I whole heartedly agree!!:wink:

[COLOR=black]I absolutely love cascade yarn[/COLOR][COLOR=black]128 Chunky[/COLOR][COLOR=black], [/COLOR][COLOR=black]128 Superwash[/COLOR][COLOR=black], [/COLOR][COLOR=black]128 Tweed[/COLOR][COLOR=black], [/COLOR][COLOR=black]220 Paints[/COLOR][COLOR=black], [/COLOR][COLOR=black]220 Superwash[/COLOR][COLOR=black], [/COLOR][COLOR=black]220 Superwash Quatros[/COLOR]
[COLOR=black]220 Superwash Paints[/COLOR][COLOR=black], [/COLOR][COLOR=black]220 Tweed[/COLOR][COLOR=black], [/COLOR][COLOR=black]220 Wool[/COLOR][COLOR=black], [/COLOR][COLOR=black]220 Wool Heathers[/COLOR][COLOR=black], [/COLOR][COLOR=black]220 Wool Quatro[/COLOR]! They range from 5.95 to 14.95 which is a great price around here. I also am totally and completely in love with Kogiu yarn for socks and shawls. For BIG projects like blankets, I usually use Pound Of Love or Caron 1lbs.

The all-time favorite is Lane Cervina Le Fibre Nobili Geisha - it is so super soft to work with and makes the best scarves. It is pretty hard to find, though. http://www.yarndex.com/yarn.cfm?yarn_id=278

Lang Tosca (also hard to find, but a beautiful bulky wool blend) is my 2nd favorite.

Would Cascade 220 Heathers be a worsted yarn? I don’t really know about yarn weights. Thanks.

I agree, it depends on what I’m making. I love knitting with 4 strands of Lion Brand Homespun on size 50 needles. I also love Red Heart Soft and Vanna’s Choice. The last time I was in JoAnn’s Superstore I saw this Debra Norville variegated yarn that looked WONDERFUL!!! Don’t know anything else about it, just that it looked great.


Generally, my favorite yarn is merino wool.
You can always count on merino to be soft and warm.

My favorite yarn “characteristic” is tweed. I adore tweeds!

As for summery, cooler yarns…cable cotton is a favorite.

Did use Red Heart SS for afghans a while back but now they’ve changed it and put all the softness into their “Soft” yarn. Love LB’s Wool Ease for warmth, softness and ease of handling. Like Plymouth Encore very much plus Red Heart’s Designer Sport - a (3) weight. Wonderful to work with; fine but not too fine, soft in baby clothes. Did a winter christening outfit in their Ivory that was just elegant. Would like to do another but, with 400 plus stitches across the skirt plus a picket edge going across about 300 sts. That’s 17 vertical sts. x’s 300 across and that’s just the hem! Wish someone would work on making all the gorgeous wools or people non-allergenic. Also wish that Lion Brand could develop a better yarn than Homespun. Keep all the gorgeous colors - dump the yarn.

I wish I had a favorite yarn, BUT, I buy my yarn for softness and therefore if it isn’t soft to the touch I won’t buy it. There are a lot of soft yarns out there. I have some alpaca, mixed blend cashmere, mixed blend bamboo, wool and more and They all feel really soft next to the skin. I even have Caron but found that I made a hat with it for my son and he washed it and it grew. It used to fit nice next to his head but not it covers his eyes, lol! I hope the same doesn’t happen to the kimono I am finishing up for him as I had it 3/4 done when the hat thing happened.:guyknitting:

I have a really nice alpaca/nylon blend that I really love.

Patons Classic Wool Merino is my “go to” yarn that I can buy at a craft store and use a coupon or grab when it is on sale.
I love anything from “Knit Picks” and am hooked on Comfy right now, especially the bulky weight.
At my local LYS I fall in love with everything I touch …
I am fickle.

I also love tweeds. What would you consider to be your favorite tweed?