What is your favorite sock yarn?

I made my very first sock recently, (thanks to this site and the yarn harlots instructions in Knitting Rules… i finally understand how its all put together… YEA!). I just used Malabrigo to make a nice easy thick house sock and i feel ready to tackle real sock yarn now. I am now addicted to socks, alas I have no clue what i should be looking for in sock yarn. I know i would prefer something superwash, i love bright stripes or variegated yarn, and softness is always a good thing!

I did just order some Sock! Merino yarn from Lisa Souza in Little Devil and Emerald City. The colors are so pretty… my first sock yarn! I can’t wait for it to get here!

Does anyone else have any recs for sock yarn they love? I have a credit card and i am not afraid to use it (hehe). Thanks for any help!

I haven’t used that many so I’m not the best judge of what’s best, but I reeeeeally liked Regia and just the other day I bought a ball of Austermann Step with jojoba and aloe in it and I LOVE it :heart: . It is so nice to work with and the colourways that they offer are fantastic.

This is the Regia that I used:
And this is the Austermann (one skein makes a pair of adult socks):

Ok, I’ve only made about 5 pairs of socks, not enough to be considered a font of knowledge, but my latest pair were in Opal Rainforest. It was really nice to work with and very soft. I understand that it gets softer with washing.

I have about 5 more skeins of Opal waiting for me to come up with a pattern.

I’ve ordered most of it from www.Astridsdutchobsessions.com. She’s in the Netherlands, has good prices and even with shipping charges was not outrageously priced. Also, she was very fast considering the package was coming from Europe. And, she puts a little package of Dutch chocolate in with your order. :teehee: Also, www.countryvariety.com sells nothing (I think) but Opal yarns.

I’ve also used KP Simple Stripes, Parade (discontinued), and Dancing. All were very nice to work with.

I’m currently working with some Meilenweit Lana Gros which I purchase locally for about $14.00 a skein. It splits. And I think the color is coming up kinda dull. Not impressed for the price.

I made a pair of 1776 socks from the Fortissma and again, wasn’t too impressed with the yarn. Kinda stiff. Again, it was rather expensive compared to the Opal.

I made my DD a pair of footies (all foot no leg) out of Katia Mississippi 3 which is a cotton blend. It was nice to work with, but I haven’t gotten any feedback from her on the stretchiness so I don’t know how they fit or are wearing (if she’s even wearing them).

I also have an Austerman yarn which I believe is a sport weight (label in german) that is turquoise/gray/glitter. I’m looking for the perfect pattern for that pair.

There’s lots of different yarns out there, but for my money I’m a big fan of Opal. I have wide feet and chubby legs so one skein (100g) will knit up to a pair of socks for me with leftovers.

Now I just have to figure out what to do with the leftovers.

Although I have a complete set of Brittany birch needles in sock sizes, I ordered the KP options sets. Hopefully, I will love those, too.

I love making socks and am considering selling all the rest of my stash and buying nothing but sock yarn.

There are so many I want to try. So little time. (Sigh)

A few people have posted their favs here

I only have experience with nonluxurious yarn, so I can’t really recommend anything. God speed though :thumbsup:

Oh, sock yarn…yummmmy! Kemp has some very nice Opal sock yarns in her store. I love Opal! Lorna’s Laces is just too yummy! And you can’t beat KnitPicks’ Essential sock yarns for the price…mind you, it’s no Opal or LL, but it’s nice.

I love Artyarns Ultramerino 4 - the colorways are just gorgeous and I love how it knits up. I also love Lorna’s Laces and Koigu. I picked up some Regia silk, but haven’t tried it yet. Too many things on the needles! :wall:

I like Knit Picks Dancing and Simple Stripes sock yarns.