What is your favorite newly learned technique?

I have been knitting a long time, but since discovering internet knitting :lol: I have learned so much. I am amazed that I can learn something new about knitting almost every day.

I recently learned a sewn cast off. I think I read this is a EZ idea. (That wouldn’t surprise me, she was a knitting genius.) Whoever had the idea, it is great. I like to make shoulder down sleeves and on the edge of the new fingerless mitts you need to bind off. This sewn bind off makes a nice edge and looks more finished than a regular BO when it is not going to be be hidden in a seam. :muah:

Just today I learned how to make a row of bobbles all at once without doing each separately and doing all that turning. Amazing!!

What is your recent favorite?

Latvian Twist edge. EASY and purty too! :inlove:

I discovered a new way of making cables without needles or rearraging stitches (video coming soon)!!! And I don’t turn on bobble either, I just knit backwards instead.

Doing cables is definitely my favorite newly-learned technique. :smiley:

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=4]Weaving in ends with a crochet hook.[/SIZE][/FONT]

Double knitting! :slight_smile:

Also, a very kind lady at the LYS I went to today showed me how to effectively hold the yarn when knitting continental and english at the same time.

long tailed cast on

The last thing I learned, not too long ago, was how to make entrelac socks. Haven’t done it yet, but soon.

I’d love to see how you do cables without rearranging the stitches!

I’m a fan of the sewn BO too and use it a lot. My favorite more or less newly learned technique is using two circs for small diameter knitting in the round. Very handy.

I have just knitted my first I-cord x

I just learned to do toe-up socks last week. Very cool.

A few weeks ago I learned how to knit in the round and I have been in sock heaven (or hell depending how you look at it) ever since.

I agree. Since I became an “internet knitter”, the quality of my knitting has improved dramatically as well and the quantity of my knitting increasing.

I love the motivation KH’ers inspire in me! I challenge myself more and more all the time now and I am not nervous to do so. I know there is always someone out there in KH Land to help me out of a bind if I mess up!

I’m loving internet knitting!

Thanks for all the input. Many of the things you’ve mentioned I’ve tried or use regularly. The Latvian twist edge was totally new to me and I had to look it up and give it a try. Hubbie and I both were intrigued with that, him so much that he has actually taken up his needles to try it out. Lol

Knitting is an amazing hobby. Probably 20-25, or maybe more years ago, the lady who owned the LYS here (a tiny town with a yarn shop in the owner’s house) was showing me something, and I asked her, “So, Verla, how long did it take you to learn everything about knitting?”. This was said hopefully, with the idea that I could learn everything too and be a guru like her. She made one of her well known facial expressions and said, “I don’t know everything about knitting.” Boy was I surprised and deflated. LOL I don’t think anyone knows everything about knitting. That is one thing that makes it so fasinating.

I agree with TheKnitter. There is so much inspiration on KH and I think I can learn and pick up new tips everyday. Although I have knitted on and off for years, I have never been too adventurous. Last year I started knitting socks and soon got used to dpns. Maybe I will be brave and try ML soon.

I just recently learned how to crochet (just single & double crochet; exprimenting with other stitches). I am also in the process of learning how to do the short row scarf (it’s also called reversing triangles). So far I am enjoying it!

Binding off with a crochet hook. This technique is so simple, but my bound off edges are always the perfect tension now and look perfectly even! :smiley:

Sweater shaping. I had never done darts or short rows to make a more fitted sweater.

What a great thread! I love the brided cast on!! My newest feat (lame compared to ya’lls stuff) is knitting in the round. Working on a hat. Thanks for all the suggestions!

I just learned entrelac. I made a garterlac dishcloth. What a neat technique.

Mosaic/slip-stitch knitting and toe up socks :mrgreen: