What is your favorite method to knit in the round?

I have watched Amy’s video"s, thank you Amy!! for all the methods of knitting in the round… I have tried the double pointed needle , I can do it, but it is not “fun”, I started a sock last year and stopped, I am thinking about changing to another method, and can’t decide which one is easier to learn…everyone talks about how great the magic loop is, but on the video, it seems kind of tedious moving the stitches each time you change needles… I think I will try, but thought I would get some imput from you guys if you have some personal experience you would like to share…

It’s really not bad. If you don’t want to do magic loop though you could try two circs. Personally I like that method less with the “extra” needles hanging around.

I love magic loop! I rarely use DPNs anymore, I bought the 40" cord for my KPO so that I could do magic loop!

I haven’t done the ML, but generally do dps and have learned and like 2 circs. Actually it’s much simpler than it looks.


I like DPNs for little hats but I prefer using two circs for sleeves, etc.,- it helps, though, if you have two needles which you can easily tell apart i.e. two different brands, which reduces the chance of a mix-up.

I’m not a great fan of Magic Loop because somehow, the centre stitches become stretched.

For small circumfrence projects I prefer DPN’s; for larger ones an appropriately sized circ (singular) - but I alsotend to use the “Short circuit” method - using a single DPN with a single circular - the circular gets worked with the other end of the cirular; the DPN with a DPN - but this method allows me to bridge the gap between the point circular projects are comfortable on my DPN’s and the point the fit onto my circ.


I don’t mind dpns, either, but when you have a sweater hanging from the needles, I go with two circs, too, so I can flip the sleeves back and forth rather than keep spinning the sweater around with the dpns.

I’m not crazy about ML.

I have been using DPNs, but I just learned to use 2 circular needles and I love it! I’m making a soda can cover and so far it’s so easy! In a couple weeks I’m starting a sock class on two circs at my LYS.

Wow.I didn’t realize it mattered small or large project…that makes sense… that combination of dpn and circular sounds interesting… I will definately give that a try… I just bought the kp option needles (because of recommendations from this site) and LOVE THEM!! So, I guess I need to order the 40" cable…sounds like the stitches get stretched on smaller cables…I guess I will try each method and see which one I feel comfortable with…Let me know how your sock class turns out Jan… thanks again everyone! This site is better than having a million knitting books!! It has been an incredible resource for me to advance my skills…

Funny how many very different answers you can get to a simple question! :teehee:

I taught myself (really, Silver taught me :notworthy:) sock knitting on dpns. They’re okay, but I have a hard time juggling all those pointy things sticking out everywhere. Magic loop is the way to go for me. It was super easy for me to learn, and I don’t have to have duplicate needles.

I’m going to use two 24 inch US 1 needles for the socks. I tried ML and it was fine, but I think I like the two better.

I need to try 2 circs again. I started knitting a sleeve and didn’t like it at all. I love dpns. It reminds me of my Grandma every time I use them. ML and I have a love hate relationship going on.

I haven’t knitted a “real” sock yet, thought I’ve just finished my first pair of “fuzzy slippers” (not felted yet), and I’ve done quite a few mini Christmas stockings for ornaments. (from a pattern I got at my LYS, though there are several online).

I love knitting on two circulars. I did a couple of small things on dpns, and like you, I can do it, but I much prefer the ease and the way the project flows on the two circulars. You have to sort of “translate” some patterns, but even as a knew and very inexperienced knitter, I’m not having too much trouble.

I did try magic loop briefly, just to see what it was about, but I’m thinking that’s not going to be a regular thing for me (I’ll probably revisit it later since I’ve heard such good things, but for now, I’m sticking with two circs.)

I can take or leave dpns for knitting in the round. I learned to knit small things in the round on dpns but I prefer using circs, whether it’s ML or 2 circs, I don’t have a preference one over the other.

Somehow it just seems neater to work that way than to have to juggle 3 or 4 dpns at a time.

Then there’s the fact that you can only make one sock at a time on dpns – yes, I know there’s that technique for knitting 2 socks at a time on dpns but just thinking about that makes my head ache.

I especially hate it when making hats and you get to the end on dpns and you only have 1 or 2 stitches on each needle and the needles are slipping out all over the place. Yuck.

I can use dpns, but I prefer Magic Loop. It’s fast and easy. At least for me. The only trouble I have is when I’m making socks and turning the heel. It seems like no matter what, I always drop a stitch right at the end of my short row heel, and I’m knitting so fast that it unravels just a little too far, and I have to do the whole heel over. But I think that’s more of a problem with my slick Knitpicks circulars than with the magic loop method. I’m waiting on a pair of wooden dpns to come in the mail so that I can use them on the heel, and then go back to magic loop after that. Maybe that way I won’t loose any stitches!

I’m another magic loop devotee. I like that it requires only one needle; no need to worry about misplacing that spare dpn/2nd circ!

It gets a little annoying doing the crowns of hats, though. (And any other super-small circumferences.) Then again I find the crowns of hats annoying on dpn’s, too, so I wouldn’t hold that against magic loop.

I’ve only done DPN’s, and I’ve got the hang of it. I really want to learn how to do 2 circs because it’s kind of a pain to rearrange stitches on the DPN’s to avoid the dreaded ladders. I also want to learn to knit on 2 circs so I can knit both socks at the same time.

  1. magic loop
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I’m in the “you’ll pry my DPNs out of my cold, dead, fingers” club. :slight_smile:

I’ve done exactly one pair of socks on two circulars, and one on Magic Loop. Meh.

I spent so much time rearranging the knitting that I was significantly slower than with DPNs. One of the pairs was a lacy pattern that kept catching on the joins, and I thought several times of just frogging the darn things. However, the object of the exercise was to try different methods so I could educate myself and choose a favourite.

DPNs won, hands down. Been there, done that and have the t-shirt (well, actually the socks)… and I’ll never have to do Magic Loop or two circular knitting again. :yay:

On top of that, I like really small needles - usually use 2 mms or smaller, but the smallest circulars I could find were 2.25 mm. Doesn’t sound like much of a difference, but it’s enough to be noticeable.

I’m not even tempted to try again - I’m so much faster on DPNs that I can finish three socks on them to the two I can do any other way. And it’s so nice to just knit round and round instead of constantly rearranging the whole thing.

For larger projects, a single circular is fine.


I love my dpn’s and also have tried the two circular and ML. The dpn’s won out. I am going to try the smaller length needles, I use the 7 length and I just made myself some 6 length to make my socks. That size seems to me not to get in my way. I think knit picks has that size and I want to make sure I liked them. :flirt: Yup I do so I am going to check online at knitpicks I think I saw that they do have that length.