What is your favorite color?

so what is it? :slight_smile:

I like a lot of colors but one of my very favorites would have to be purple.

I also like lots of colors, but I guess my favorite is a deep [COLOR=Red][B]red[/B][/COLOR].


[COLOR=seagreen]Greens [/COLOR]like forest green and sage green.



well, it was always Purple, and then it was Purple or Green or the combination of it. I got so much purple and green stuff, I think I’ve moved on to blue, sorta like periwinkle and I also love cranberry. I just did my living room in deep red and camel colors… I have know idea what my favorite color is, lol!

[B][COLOR=Olive]Olive Green[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=Olive]is my favorite color.

[COLOR=Black]But I’m also partial to earth tones,[/COLOR] [COLOR=Black]like [/COLOR][COLOR=Red]red,[/COLOR] [COLOR=DarkOrange]orange,[/COLOR] [COLOR=YellowGreen]yellow,[/COLOR] [COLOR=Sienna]brown,[/COLOR] gray, etc…

[COLOR=Black]Which are pretty much autumn colors.[/COLOR]

Cornflower Blue, from the crayon box. :thumbsup:

Teal green and all greens of the ocean.

Am I the only one who loves [COLOR=pink]pink[/COLOR]?

I’d have to say, green, yellow, and white. That combo is mainly due to the fact that I LOVE flowers!!! Those are my favorite flower colors.

The color I wear the most is blue (navy/denim).

But I do love a deep chocolate brown, and a soft vanilla. My house is in neutral browns, tans, beiges, vanilla (soft white) and a touch of light, soft, sagey green.

Okay, yeah. I like ALL colors (except BLACK! Black is the absence of color.)


Nope. I love pink too.

almost all shades of brown

My fav is black…it’s so versatile (and slimming :teehee:)…but, I’m also HUGE on color combination’s like black and [COLOR=Pink]pink[/COLOR], black and [COLOR=Cyan]aqua, [COLOR=Black]black and [COLOR=Red]red[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR], etc…lol



I :heart: all colors! However I lean towards deep jewel tones and I change my favorite color like every month:teehee: This month it is a toss up between plum purple and teal green.