What is your favorite christmas carol?

Mine is I Wish You a Merry Christmas.

I love christmas carols. i have a couple that are perennial favorites…i love all the hymns so i won’t even try to choose one of those. however the ones that ALWAYS have to be on my CD are “Grown up Christmas List” and “Let There Be Peace on Earth.” I have been wearing out the CD on “Mary’s Boy Child” (Harry Connick Jr. version) and “Mary Did You Know?” (Clay Aiken version–yeah I am not proud) lately too.

so i will go with those for now…lol

Jingle Bells. But it has to have the bells chiming behind it and it has to have a fun beat. I also like Silent Night when it is sung with a guitar as a lullabye. Can we name our least favorite carol? Oh Holy Night sung by any opera singer. I have a version of it on a Mannheim Steamroller Christmas album where it is played soft and non-dramatic. It is beautiful. Something is just wrong with it when it is sung by someone trying to belt it out.

Of course it is only Dec. 8th and I’m already sick of Christmas music.

Like Brendajos I love all the carols… but my favorite song that I get chills on is Mary Did you know? but by the guy who wrote it… Mark Lowry… he use to sing with the Gaither quartet he is still on their shows but sings more solos… I love that song…

O Holy Night.

Favorites: I’ll be Home for Christmas; Oh, Little Town of Bethlehem; Sleigh Ride

Hate Ums: Little Drummer Boy (Think about it. Mary has this new born baby asleep, and this wise guy shows up with a drum! I’d throttle the little monster.) Oh Come, Oh Come, Emannuel (Sounds depressing. Think it’s in a minor key.)

There are too many favorite carols to list. But my all time favorite Christmas music is Charlie Brown Christmas album with Vince Guaraldi. It doesn’t seem like Christmas too me until I hear that one!

Santa Baby!

ooooooooooh the ones we hate too? yeah anything that can be considered a parody. I am amused the first time, after that they just grate on my nerves. “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” is the worst offender!..first for bad grammar and second because it is just rude!

I’m right there with you Brenda! My mother gave me a stuffed reindeer that sings and dances to that song. I absolutely cringe everytime I hear it. And don’t you know it’s my kids’ favorite decoration. I hide it in the bottom of the box every year, and they dig until they find it. Wouldn’t want to hurt grandma’s feelings, they say! :wall:

Favorites: all the old traditional carols, Do You Hear what I Hear?, The Cherry Tree Carol - this one is hard to find but BEAUTIFUL.

Just for Fun: I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas!

Ones I’m NOT crazy about: Drummer Boy, and Grandma got run over by a Reindeer, and some of the other “novelty” songs.

Oh, and the WORST is: Barking Dogs ‘singing’ Jingle Bells! UGH

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!


O Holy Night- belted by an opera singer (preferably me!) :wink:

Favorite choral piece- Rosa Mystica

Other favs- I Saw 3 Ships
Silver Bells
anything by Bing Crosby

Mele Kalikimaka has been going thru my head since I just finished my presentation on Hawaiian music. “MK” was not included, of course, but I’ve got Hawaii on the brain. :lol:

I adore Oh Little Town of Bethlehem!! it’s so hard to pick a fav.
But for sure, I detest that grandma run over by the reindeer too. and also there’s a redneck christmas one out that is sung to 12 days of christmas and it’s very annoying. ya’ll probably don’t hear it up north.
Also love Upon a Midnight Clear.

no we hear it…and block it out!

I love them all, but I’m an O Holy Nighter too. It never fails to make me all teary eyed.

LOL BJ don’t blame you. it’s horrible! why is it continued every year??
Kemp, you are right, it sends chills also.

“good king wenceslaus” though I know I just butchered the spelling!

Carol, I love that one too. hadn’t thought of it!

Okay, I’m a total nerd when it comes to Carols!!!

My favoritest favorite is A Coventry Carol. I just love the minor key, and how soft and lullaby-like it is, but with that great major chord at the end (that’s called a picardy third–when a song is in minor, but ends in major–not that any of you care!)

Every year my mother in law and I go to see the group Chanticleer, and they have an original setting of Ave Maria which they sing every year. It’s gorgeous; modern writing, but with that medieval antiphonal call-and-response organization that just makes it PERFECT for old gothis churches.

I also LOVE Feliz Navidad… not necessarily because I love the song, but my KIDS (at school, remember!) love the song… I purposefully structure my units so they are doing guitar around Christmas time, so they learn the chords, and have to play and sing the song for a test. It’s one of the only sings I can get them to play and sing without any “But Mrs. Coss, do we HAVEEEEEEEEEEEEEe to sing???” Like I’m torturing them :rollseyes: It’s so awesome to have 30 kids sitting there playing guitar and singing their hearts out, and know that they really are having fun wipes tear

Do You Hear What I Hear and It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year are also tops on my list!

Songs I hate: those FREAKING beatle ones!!!

I also :heart: Feliz Navidad! It’s so much fun!

I’m actually driving my DH crazy, because I’ve only been listening to the stations playing Christmas music. I don’t know how I can stand so much of it myself, but it’s happy music!