What is your Favorite baby yarn?

What is your absolute favorite :heart: yarn :heart: to knit baby items with? :XX:

And if you feel like telling why please do! :wink:


Grignasco Bambi

I’s a 100% virgin wool extrafine merino.

Comes in GREAT colours and is a DREAM to knit with… :smiley:

Dale baby ull. The merino wool is so soft and the colors are great!

Well… I haven’t knit with too many types yet, but I do like Bernat’s Softee Baby and Caron’s Simply Soft.

If your on a budget, I love bernat baby softee. Iam doing an afghan from it.

i did a baby blanket in TLC and in Dale Baby Ull…i liked both but i did like the Ull better! :thumbsup:

Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

Bernat Softee Baby and Hobby Lobby’s Baby Bee. I like the baby bee because it comes in colors that you wouldn’t think are baby colors like 3-ply twist of navy, pink, and gray. It doesn’t sound like a baby color but it’s totally adorable.

The Debbie Bliss is a dream to work with!! So soft and great colors. I use it often in the preemie items I donate. Best of all it is wachine washable!!

Thank you! Any others out there?

My favorite baby yarns are TLC baby and Carons simply soft.

I like using Caron Simply soft for baby items. it’s soft, pretty, has a nice shine and is machine washable, which is REALLY important when you have kids to chase around.

Well, my favorite yarn to work with for babies is Lion Brand Velvetspun. It feels like velvet in your hands, and makes thick, chunky items.

If I need to make an item with thin yarn, I’ll use whatever I have sitting around that works in the right gauge. To me, it’s the COLOR and washability that matters most with baby stuff.

I’m working on a sweater out of Plymouth Dreambaby. Very, very soft, no problems with it splitting and since it’s acrylic (the dreaded “A” word), it can be machine washed and dried. I’m big on machine wash/dry. It’s really knitting up well; nice stitch definition. Got it on line and I really like it, a lot.

I haven’t done much baby knitting yet, but I did just finish a layette in Bernat Cotton Tots and I really loved it. Both knitting with it and the feel of the final product.

Another vote for Dale Baby Ull…

Another vote here for Caron Simply Soft. Recently fell in love with it while knitting a swatch. It will be my acrylic of choice for many future items.

Thank you! Thank you! I appreciate your help with this.

A couple I like haven’t been mentioned:

Knit One, Crochet Too Fleece is soft and is nice if you want a bigger guage than some of the really fine baby yarns.

Wendy Velvet Touch has pretty varigated colors that make an otherwise simple item more interesting.

Both are machine washable if I recall correctly.

I’ve tried Red Heart and Bernat Softee Baby, and the Bernat is really soft … I think washable is always a must for baby stuff!! :XX: