What is your all-time best pattern book?

I received a gift certificate from a friend for amazon.com. I’m just looking to see what I could really go for. I’ve been out there looking forever, for some reason I’m afraid of picking some book only to get it and realize that I don’t like it.

I am crazy about the top-down method of making sweaters because you can try them on as you go. Meaning you are knitting to fit. There are several books out now using this method. I just ordered 2 of the newest ones from Amazon. They haven’t arrived yet so I can’t say for certain how great they are.

I also have so many other favorites that it would be overload to mention them all. But a great basic is the Vogue knitting book and now they have 3 other big books of stitches and I have used them a great deal.

I hope this helps.

Barbara Walker’s series - especially the 2nd one. Sooooooooooooooooo many gorgeous stitch patterns that you can use to make anything!

Baby pattern books are a favorite for me. Whenever someone is expecting, I’ll knit them a baby item, so I need lots of patterns at my fingertips. I love knitting baby things most of all because they’re small, quick and super cute and the mom-to-be loves it because who doesn’t love a handknit goody for baby?

I agree about the Barbara Walker book . I have ‘charted knitting designs’ and have used it for many projects. After that I would suggest the readers digest book ‘[complete guide to needlework’ ellie

Currently, I’m obsessed w/ the book “Cables Untangled” by Melissa Leapman found here.

Good luck w/ whatever you decide…

I almost bought the cables untangled book yesterday, but realized that I have way tooooooooo much other stuff accumulating in my brain and didn’t need another book. My favorite so far is Weekend Knitting, can’t remember the author. It has a flower petal washcloth pattern as the 1st one, and I learned so much doing that. It’s kind of a learning book for me, the more I learn the more I want to go on to the harder stuff in the book. I also did the Lopi Lace scarf from there in Malabrigo, and I love it!
I haven’t been able to accomplish any of the patterns in a “weekend” :roflhard: but they are fun!

I have many books that I really love but I suggest you go to Barnes and Noble or Borders and look thru their knit books. Then when you see one you like write it down then order it from Amazon. Its much better if you can SEE the book first. :happydance:

i like the cables book, too!! Also, Weekend Knitting and Last Minute Knitted Gifts.

I like all books.

Last Minute Knitted Gifts is the one I turn to often.

I will admit to having bought several books just for one pattern but I have used LMKG for many patterns and have enjoyed knitting all of them.


I also like Sensational Knitted Socks, Knitting for Peace and One Skein. A friend knitted me the cutest little baby bolero (sp?) from the One Skein book…

I want to get Mason Dixon Knitting, Knitting on the Edge and Knitting Over the Edge too…

I am currently obsessed with socks so most of the sock books are good. I have not found a good general knitting book that I wanna make a few things from though…I’m gonna check out the Quick Gifts one though :slight_smile:

Ooo, I must take a look at those for my next trip south.

I agree that you should go to the store and look at the books, then buy your favorite from Amazon. The best book I bought was The Big Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns. There are over 500 stitch patterns that you can use to incorporate into your own designs. I have made a lot of items using stitches in this book and they are always well received.

I picked up the knitter’s handbook, i think it’s a reader’s digest book. its a big reference book, no patterns but i think it explains everything pretty well. this website is my savior though…i watch the videos ALL the time while i’m knitting. i find that i am able to learn knitting by watching someone do it rather than trying to understand a diagram.

Fisherman’s Sweaters by Alice Starmore. I really like making aran sweaters. There are some fun Fair Isle designs, too.