What is you favorite knitting needle?

Some needles are better for sticky yarn, others are better for slippery yarn… Which material do you prefer for your knitting needles?

just bought the Knitters pride circular knitting needles and had a chance to kn I t a sweater. They are wonderful needles. Each size is a different color.

I really like Addi needles, in general. Particularly the Karbonz and resin coated brass.

I like my Denise interchangeables for slippery yarn, addi lace interchangeables for sticky yarn, and 9” circular Clover bamboo for socks👵

I use very old Aero or Milward straight steel needles. 'Ive never found any other needles that come close. The yarn just glides over them letting me knit quickly. I hate a ‘sticky’ needle or bamboo needles, I can’t bear the sound of them, they make my teeth water, lol!

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I am enjoying my 9” circulars❣️Socks no longer terrify me🧦

I recently purchased flexible dpn’s for knitting socks. Previously only used regular dpn’s. I didn’t have any real issues with regular dpn’s but decided to try these flexible dpn’s especially with toe up socks. There are several brands. I actually like them. Only 3 to deal with and they are relatively easy to control.