What Is Wrong?

I was trying to do a Feather and Fan scarf.
Co multiple of 18…so I cast on 54.
Knit first row. No problem
Purl second row. No problem.
Pattern row…(k2tog) 3x, (YO. knit 1) 6X, (k2tog 3X)

Next row…I wind up with tons of stitches…

I had even put markers in.

I’ve ripped this out about 5 times and am going to pitch it out the window.

HELP :verysad:

Are you sure that you are only doing the 6 yarn overs? Are you accidently making more yarn overs, perhaps?
I would count as I go
k2tog 3 times will give you 3 sts
yarn over and k1 6 times will give you 12
k2tog 3 times will give you another 3 sts
I suggest placing a marker every 18 sts and counting each st pattern, every 18 sts and that way you can see what you are doing, okay? It’s really fast to count your sts, too. I do it with almost all of my lace knitting and it becomes 2nd nature.
I would also count the none lace rows, too, for a bit, until you get the pattern going okay :wink:

OK, I’m going to give it another shot. The way you counted out the stitches may help. Thank you!

:thumbsup: yep, good advice from rebecca. placing the marker every 18 is what I did and it marked the “middle” of each set.

I have problem with this pattern too, and I feel bad, because it seems pretty straightforward, but I always seem to wind up one stitch short after that one row of the increases and decreases, and I don’t know what I do wrong. Maybe I miss one of the yarn overs? :shrug: Rebecca, I’m going to try your counting method and see if that helps–thanks for posting on this topic!

Sometimes the problem with this pattern is that people don’t repeat this,
(k2tog) 3x, (YO. knit 1) 6X, (k2tog 3X)

but rather (k2tog) 3x, (YO, k1) 6x, (k2tog 3x), (YO, k1) 6xrather than repeat the (k2tog) 3x