What is WRONG with these places?

Of ALL the yarn shops in the greater wellington area (spread over 3-5 cities/towns) there is only ONE place that stocks size 2.75mm DPN’s!!

I mean HELLO! I FINALLY decide to start knitting my first ever pair of socks on DPN’s. I buy the yarn (Opal… ohhhhhhhh :happydance: ) and get the pattern (a nice easy one that came free with the ohhhhh Opal yarn :cheering: ) and I don’t have the right sized DPN’s. I have every other size nearly… except the one I need and I don’t have one size up or down from that one either. :wall:

Are the sock lords working against me today or what? Why why why does only ONE yarn shop stock sock making needles?? slams head on keyboard sigh

Ok so there is my knitting rant for the day. I feel a tiny bit better. Anyone else want to have a go?? :rofl:

Why is it when you finally figured out what to do one has problems finding the tools to do it with? I agree sooo much… :wall: :figureditout: I know… tell the knitting gods you’re going to do one thing… then do another?