What is WRONG with me?!

I was trying to knit continental, but my pinkies curve and I can’t hold any tension with the yarn between my pinkie and my ring finger. (Probably the ONLY place I carry no tension in my whole body!)

But in the process I think I twisted all my stitches and can’t find the diagram of how the stitches sit on the needle (you know the diagram with the stitch guy sitting on the needle, smiling)…why don’t I know this!? Why can’t I find it and recognize it when I see it? Grr…so, I ask you, please, left or right leg of the stitch in the front?

(and if you see my brain anywhere…)

Thank you!:zombie:

If the guy is facing the tip, his right leg is forward.:thumbsup:

As the stitches face you, the right leg should be in front of the needle. As for tension, could you wrap the yarn around your ring finger instead?

Well, I haven’t seen your brain, and I don’t knit continental, but the stitches “sit” on the needle with the right “leg” toward the front when knitting.

Thanks guys–man, I feel like my head is just full of fog…if you see that brain—>


Why not watch Amy’s video? http://www.knittinghelp.com/videos/knit-stitch

:blush: I did. Still couldn’t see it–I’m really off today. Maybe I should have napped!? TY!

I have a harder time w/tension when I knit conti, too. I wrap the yarn 2X around my pinkie and that seems to help.

Wear a wide ring.

LOL ! Thanks Mike, you buying? :slight_smile:

Making maybe. :slight_smile:

A sterling band for your pinky shouldn’t be that much.
Now that you got me thinking of it before I pick up the yarn I think I’ll make one before I start and wish I had something to fill that space.

I’ll let you know if it doesn’t work.


A metal ring didn’t work, it removed too much friction.

But a ring of yarn worked. My problem is skinny fingers so I don’t know if it would work the same for bent joints but it’s worth a try.
I haven’t figured out a way to conveniently keep a ring of yarn other than to wrap each time.

I wonder how some of those stretchy bandaids would work.

Hiya Bethany,
Sometimes (depends on the weight of yarn) I’ll wrap it round my pinky finger and then around my index finger so that the tension is tighter.
As for the stitch seating there’s a wonderful video on youtube by cat bordhi on just that subject and how to recognize it and fix it. Here’s the video

So I started thinking about this and thought about a little felted ring too…I have something I can cut around here somewhere! Thanks for experimenting for me Mike! I also thought about duct tape! LOL!

Thank you for the video…I did check it out.(sound was funky, but) I watched it and thought “of course, why did it look so wrong to me!?” I think the brain fog is clearing a bit… :wink: A couple of others in the chat last night mentioned wrapping yarn around the pointer too–I’ll have to try. I didn’t knit much last night!