What is wrong with me?!

I’m out running errands today. One of the mart type stores has rearranged everything, “for the customer” and I found a yarn aisle. Hmmmmmmmmmm, I didn’t even know they carried yarn. After looking at it I was under impressed but across the aisle they had notions. I sneak a quick look. There is a Susan Bates “sock set-5 of each size 1.5,, and 2.25.” I throw it in the cart because, “that would be nice to keep in the car in case of emergencies.” I mean stranded somewhere with no needles just can’t happen can it? Next I’ll store a bit of sock yarn in a paper bag somewhere in the car too so I’ll never be stuck not knitting. I’m blaming this on PMS.

:?? I am not entirely understanding why you think something might be wrong with you. You sound perfectly fine to me. shrug


You blame whatever you want to sweetie, but we know the truth! :rofling:

Yeah, what’s the problem!? Sounds like a great plan to me :wink:

Or, is it that you had not seen these things in the store before?

Hmm… I’m confused. :thinking: I don’t see the dilemma here either… ???

walks off pondering to herself that maybe everybody does NOT keep knitting in the car just in case and perhaps I am the strange one :oops:

Yeah, what is WRONG with you for not having needles and yarn in your car in the FIRST place? Huh? :rofling:

*hides head in shame) I only had 2 projects set up in the trunk… along w/ survival stuff… summer stuff… then this fall it gets changed to winter stuff… there is always a need for just in case…

( rearranges all “just in case” stuff according to age to properly rotate it"

You mean this is normal knitter behavior? Whew, I was afraid I had gone over the edge. I have more yarn, patterns, pattern books and needles than I ever thought I’d own and now this emergency knitting stuff…Okay, what’s next on the behavioral horizon?

Sweetie, you have nothing wrong with you. I have “emergency knitting” in my hurricane survival kit! :roflhard:

Yup… always be prepared. :thumbsup:

Yup,yup, always have knitting supplies very close by. I have a little bag(dishcloths & test swatches) on my bed/bedside table, by where I park my chair in the living room, and if my main bag isn’t hanging on the back of my wheelchair(thank goodness for the otherwise usless push handles) I’m looking all over the house for it. I hadn’t put a bag of extra supplies in my van yet(since I always have one on my chair), but now that I’ve read this thread I will, since you never can tell what could happen.

I have the sock needle set, too. I got it from JoAnn with a 40% off coupon.

I’ve been meaning to put together a project for the car. Usually I know when a long wait is ahead of me (or possible) and I just throw my current project into the car/my luggage on the way. I’m divorced now, so 99.9% of my car time is spent driving, and I try not to knit then. :wink:

I’ve been wanting to make some washcloth/guest towel sets; that sounds like the perfect mindless car project! :thumbsup:

Thanks for the great idea, Nikki! :heart:

I don’t see anything wrong with you. You’ve just joind the wonderful group that is x-treame knitting. Congratulations!

:roflhard: Perfect!

I can’t leave the house without some knitting. :rollseyes: It’s just always in my bag. Along with a waterbottle, pen and paper, a book to read and then whatever I need for the day. You gotta be prepared for any and all situtions. :thumbsup:

Somehow when I pictured “x-treme knitting”, it always involved knitters jumping out of airplanes knitting their chutes out of recycled silk on the way down. :??

Then again, I’ve been told I have an overactive imagination. :rollseyes:

I’ve always packed a knitting project for when I go camping.
I wonder how many sports or activities you could combine with knitting? Underwater, with plastic lancet cord? What else? Where else?

You struck fear into my heart!!! :shock: I don’t have a knitting project in the car!!! :doh: I take one with me, but what if I forgot! And I need one in hubby’s car too, cause in that one I don’t have to drive… There’s nothing wrong with you! It’s me who wasn’t on the ball!!! (of wool) :blush: samm