What is with this deer?

It seems to be wearing its coat backwards! …what do you make of it…could it be a wound? (it IS hunting season here this week and next).

I don’t know…maybe a cowlick? Their fur is a little rough in that area so maybe a normal variation? And since it’s on the internet it begs the question -is it a real picture or has it been photoshopped?

Wow!! that is funky:roflhard:
It is hunting season here as well. I try not to think about it. They are soooo skinny here with xtra dry weather, there was very little to eat.

possible parasitic/vestigial twin?

Some doe broke his heart? :shrug:


Bad hair day.

It’s just the way the fur lies in that area and hers happens to be extreme and long.
It’s a whitetail.

No injuries past or present that I can see. The one I got this year must’ve broken her leg at some point or it was a birth defect. I didn’t notice it when she was walking but the joint was solid.

I think it’s been hunting season for a while. Archery season. At least that’s what some Canadians on archery forums say.

Pssst, that is a doe.