What is "wfib"?

I am wanting to make http://www.designedlykristi.com/knitting/freepatterns/DKnanonecklace.pdf and in the instructions on row 2 it says "wfib sl1 then the pattern, I looked at the instructions for the pattern and this is not listed?:?? It does say “wyib” and “wyif” and I know those are “with yarn in back” and “forward” but what is “wfib”?

figaro… I think because she has used the word ‘fibers’ in the pattern she is meaning the same as wyib but has replaced yarn with fibers… wfib - with fibre in back.

I wanted to say that since she does have wyib in the glossary AND in the pattern - perhaps it is either a mental ‘slip’ (she’s used to using the word fiber so wrote that without thinking) OR would you consider one ‘fiber’ is a yarn and one a ‘fiber’? I note the combination of materials used in the item.

I second what Susan P said.

I see only one type of material…yarn…fiber…whatever used in the pattern, but I do agree the “wfib” is the same as wyib. I think the designer is just clarifying the position of the yarn when slipping the stitch.

You’re right, there is only one.

Thank you all! That makes a little more sense now. It just through me for a loop with the explanation and then it changed!