What is "turning round"?

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I need some help interpreting a pattern (the cosmetic bag in Holiday Knits)… I’ve been knitting in the round for 5", and the instructions say, “Purl next rnd, (turning round), increasing 5 sts evenly around using M1P.” What does it mean by “turning round”? If it didn’t say that, I would just bring my yarn to the front and continue around using purls. Can I just disregard it or is it an instruction?


At this point, you will not actually do anything with that instruction. You will be making somewhat of a hem, and the purl row is where you will fold your knitting down to attach the hem. This is what’s normally referred to as a “turning row”.

Thanks! I haven’t run across that term before. Just when I think I’ve got it all figured out… :stuck_out_tongue: