What is this?

:think:I found this soft thread like yarn at a yard sale ,the lable is in chinese,I’ve got 3 big cones of it! & I have no idea what to do with it!?:oo::cry: . if you know please tell me:shrug:

looks like lacewieght yarn, and you can send it to me if you don’t want it :rofl:

you can always do a burn testto figure out the fiber content. it’s not 100% accurate, but could be helpful. awsome find!
to figure the yarn weight more accurately too, do a WPI check. any old ruler will work, just wrap your yarn around the ruller for an inch and count your wraps. make sure you aren’t streching or wrapping to tight.

it looks to me like [SIZE=“1”]crochet[/SIZE] thread. not that i would know that much about it. i’ve just seen it a bunch in stores.

What a bonanza!

When thin yarn or thread is packaged in cones, it’s usually meant for weaving or machine knitting, but there’s no reason you can’t use it for hand knitting if you like the look and feel of it.

It’s fine for lace; or use it doubled for baby clothes and summer tops. You can also combine it with other yarns.

This kind of yarn is often treated with an oil that helps it work more smoothly on a knitting machine. No need to do anything about it except wash the finished item, which will not only remove the oil but help the fabric “bloom.”

When you have this much yarn to play with, you can afford to do many, many experimental swatches to see how it works in different stitches, at different gauges, etc.

There is a lot of lightweight coned yarn on eBay right now. You might want to check in the “Knitting Yarn” category to see just how great a bargain you got!

Can you get a picture of the label? Close enough and clear enough to read? My aunt is chinese (aunt by marriage) and she speaks Chinese fluently. I bet I could get her to translate if you would like.