What is this worth?!

Hi everyone I have a family friend around the corner from me who trys to sell her hand-crocheted baby blankets to neighbors for shower gifts as an extra source of income.She is crippled and this gives her something to do as well as the extra money:) She used to use red heart because she is older and it is what she is used to but I opened her eyes and mind to caron simply soft yarn which will fit her budget and would be much softer. So now the complaints she is getting is that she charges to much and they are just not worth it! This infurates mne to no end as they are really pretty blankets and she only charge $55 and she pays for the yarn:hmm: but then again I have hand problems so I may view a blanket as a lot more work than it is. I truthfully dont think this is the case though,I think people are trying to get over on her because she is crippled and needs the money and they know it:tap: Can someone please tell me the TRUTH about what they think this blanket is worth? I am very laid back and open to opinions so dont be afraid to tell your opinion:teehee:

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non knitters/crocheters have no idea the time involved…
therefore they can’t appreciate:tap:


Agreed, unfortunately. What skews the “value” even more is that you can get baby blankies at places like Babies R Us, WalMart, etc for under 20 bucks. Sigh. This is why I refuse to knit for money; I prefer to knit something I enjoy (as a process knitter) and give it freely to someone who will appreciate. If I try to “surprise” certain family members I always wind up disappointed. :shrug:


While I agree that handmade items are priceless, $55 may be a little high for an acrylic baby blanket. My mom makes and sells afghans as a sort of therapy for herself and if I remember correctly her baby ones are $25 and adult ones go from $45-75 depending on the size. Using the Caron or Red Heart the yarn is only about $6/baby blanket. Granted - my mom does it for therapy, not b/c she needs the income. People will always expect things to be cheaper from a person than a store. My mothers large afghans (very popular wedding gifts) used to sell in a craft store for almost $150 and now she is lucky to get $75 selling them via word of mouth.
Maybe if your friend lowered the price a little she would sell more blankets and in the end make more money.

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That blanket is amazing! I don’t think that’s over priced at all. Those bobbles are beautiful!

I agree that it may be that they don’t see the amount of work that goes into it. Has she tried to sell it online? I had a friend that used to work for a group that sold all kinds of hand made items.

What it’s worth and what people will pay can be so far apart. That is a beautiful blanket.

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It’s a beautiful blanket!! Would it be possible for her to try to sell them at an upscale baby boutique and use much nicer yarn? I know that some of my clients had cashmere baby blankets that cost hundreds!! You could have her make one or two and then shop them around at some places that specialized in really fine baby gear. You could look in the back of “Cookie” magazine or one of the Martha Stewart baby mags. I know they would sell out of really nice yarn in the right shop.

Good luck!

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She could take orders and personalize them.

A lot of people will use the general guideline of 2-4x the price of the ‘supplies’ (ie yarn) to determine the ‘value’ of the item that they are creating. For example, if someone spent $10 on yarn, they could charge $20 - $40 depending on the complexity of the design and the quality of the yarn.

It would be really awesome if we could all make a mint from our creations that we pour our hearts and souls into, but unfortunately … the people that don’t know how to do this, don’t appreciate that! :frowning: It is way too easy to go to the local mall and get a feasible copy. :hair:

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I think $55 for an acrylic blanket is a little high but not too much. Is she willing to lower her price by $5-$10 and see the reaction? I also agree that maybe she should try to sell to a different market. Try Etsy. People buying there seem to be willing to pay for what they get knowing that it is hand made.

I just got on line and view the blankets, they are beautiful. Even my husband who has no idea if it is knitted or crochet said that he didn’t think that was to much money. I agree that people don’t think of what goes into the blankets, to bad for just they words she puts onto them are worth that price. Maybe she should just do plain blankets to sell.


I’ve only been knitting for 6 wks so I wouldn’t know where to start with prices but I think it’s definetly worth it. With that type of detailing. Spelling words has got to be sooo time consuming.

It’s something that a person can keep forever. I still have my baby blanket that was knitted for me and i’m 32, my brother also had one.

It’s definetly worth the price…Heather:-P

My mom made Julianne a sweater, cap, and blanket (and she always uses acrylic) and they are gorgeous. They are put back to be heirlooms.

Your friend’s baby blanket is beautiful! I’m wondering, are people complaining about the price because she raised her price? What are the customers saying they are willing to pay?

Personally, I think $50-$55 for a handcrafted baby blanket is reasonable.


People would probably think $48.00 is reasonable … it is amazing what a dollar or two below the “0” makes… $98.00 instead of $100.00 … $199 instead of $200.

Personally … $55.00 is a BARGAIN for such a beautiful blanket!!!

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If people are complaining about the $55 price tag, there’s your answer. It’s too high.

We as fellow crafters can not give a good unbiased opinion on the price because we ALL know how much work goes into making a blanket like that and are quick to quote a higher dollar amount. But we’re also not the ones who would actually buy it, as we can make them ourselves.

The non-crafting customers are the ones who set the price because they will (and have) unabashedly tell you if the price is too high, too low, or just right. If they’re complaining about $55, they’re not going to pay it, so what’s the point in pricing it that high? You have to find a balance between time spent and what someone will pay.

I’d drop the price to $40. See how it sells. If she gets a lot of enthusiastic sales quickly, raise it to $45. If she still doesn’t see the sales, drop it to $35. The goal is to find a price where people will pay it, but not so low that the orders come so fast that she can’t fill them.

Two blankets sold for $40 each is A LOT better than none at $55.

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Hand knitting and crochet are either too much and not worth it or they’re not worth selling for the person doing the work.
It takes me 20 minutes to crochet a 300 sc/hdc row, a skein will take 3 days to use if I work hard at it (at least 8 hour days) and go about 4". An afghan will take 16-25 skeins. I figured one up one time and it was near 100,000 stitches. People won’t pay for that amount of time, you’re lucky to get them to pay for that amount of yarn.

Take vaknitter’s “Using the Caron or Red Heart the yarn is only about $6/baby blanket.”, I haven’t figured up the square inches but I bet that would be lucky to pay for the materials.

It’s even worse when you add the cost of yarn, which is why I refuse to pay the cost some companies want for their yarn. It would be more affordable to make an item out of Red Heart, throw it away and then buy the expensive sweater.

She’s certainly not getting rich at $55. She’d do a lot better if she was making quilts, they’re a hot item. People are willing to pay for quilts and there’s not as much time involved.

She would also do better teaching crochet. The community college charges $65 to teach single crochet stitch over 3 classes and another $65 to teach double crochet with the prerequisite that you’ve had the first class.

Wow that is a gorgeous blanket. Though I agree with Silver. Have her drop the price down to $40 and see what the reaction is. People really don’t understand the work that goes into knitting at all. Which is why some people in my own family are not worthy of a knitted gift.

I think that is the problem with hand made items. People want to pay for the supplies but NOT the time.
I think heading to a baby boutique or even trying to sell on ebay might be an answer.
She could make up cards and have them in an OB’s office with a picture of her blankets. I know a photographer that was starting a business and did that. She made quite a few contacts that way.

I just wanted to thank you all and say we both value ALL of your responses and she has decided to try and lower her price to $50 and see how it sells at that price. I am going to try and sell this blanket in my etsy shop for her.Thank you everyone for saying the blanket is beautiful you really lifted her spirits out of the slump she was in ever since someone said they wouldn’t pay higher than $25 bucks for it(she had tears in her eyes when reading the nice responses):wink: I think we might have a good shot there as I have seen people sell handmade baby hats at $25 a piece and made with acrylic yarn…and they werent even time consuming patterns,just straight stockinette. Thank You Everyone!