What is this tool?


Can anyone tell me what this tool is? I was told it is a yarn detangler. It should have two prongs, but both prongs broke off, and I could only fine the one, which I taped back on. I am looking to purchase a one, but need to know what it is called. Thanks for your help.



I was hoping someone would be able to identify this tool. I don’t have any ideas. I’m afraid that in my hands it would do more to further tangle a yarn mess than to detangle one if that’s what it’s for.



It looks a bit like a stitch picker (if you google it you can see what they look like) but not seen one with 2 long prongs before if you definitely lost 2.

Hope you can find out, I’m intrigued!


I wonder if it’s for something like these?
These are called Heel Forks(2 prong) for sock knitting by machine!!?!!

ETA: after looking some more it’s probably not - not heavy enough!! extract follows :
‘When working the heels and toes, fork weights have to be used to keep a strong tension on this area so that it won’t “jump” off the machine. Obviously, they’re called fork weights for a reason!’
Oh Well!! no idea sorry :smile: