What is this tool??

So. I have no idea if this is relevant at all. But a while back I inherited a bunch of knitting and crochet needles and this was in it. And I have no idea what it’s for.

Huh. I have no idea! Curious to see if anyone knows.

Looks like a tool for winding wool round

Does it have markings on the other side?? Only idea I came up with is some sort of measuring device. Like if it’s 12" from end to end, you would know that by wrapping yarn around it 6 times your yarn would be 12’ long.

Just a thought.

That is a yarn spool for winding small quantities of yarn around for color work. It can also be used for making tassels for scarves. My granddaddy made me several out of large craft sticks when I was a kid.


I may be wrong but to me it looks like a weaving shuttle. Is it notched on both ends? A weaving shuttle is used to load the yarn as this it the way it is fed between when half the threads are lifted. This “shuttle” is large, when it gets this big, it was called a “weaver’s beam”. It does the same purpose in larger looms.

My other idea was… if it is different on the other end, it was part of a spinning wheel machine to turn carded wool into yarn or thread.

Very curious. The Hebrew word for “what is it?” is “Manna” – what they ate in the wilderness. I think you might want to name it this because it would be funny.

I like the idea of naming it.
If you click on the photo, it should open a view in another window which will show the entire piece. Both ends are notched and identical.

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Ah, thanks, didn’t think to click the pic. Yes, I think it may be a weaver’s shuttle. Now you can look up “weaver’s shuttle” or “weaver’s beam” and see if you get any image similar to yours. Or if you find you have a class in weaving in your area, you could locate the teacher and ask them.

In the meanwhile you could use it to tidy up a long extension cord. I always find I need an extension cord when I only need a few inches.

It is possible that it was a piece of another thing, such as an aisle. A handy grandmother might have also been an artist too. Did she paint any paintings?

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Now you have a name for it. No more worries.

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Oh! I think you may be right! I think I’ve seen my friends use something like that when they are weaving!

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There was a tool (which I haven’t been able to find when I had to crochet a blanket with dangling spools) and it was almost like a stick shuttle but was made of plastic. The afghan I was making could not crochet over the carried color very well and in order to stay pretty I had a lot of spools dangling, It was by Susan Bates I think, but could not find it as mine broke. I could find and use the ones by Clover, which were much smaller.

I tried my hand at weaving for a time. I had a small loom and sold it at a garage sale and wish I hadn’t now that I have more time on my hands.

A weavers shuttle is pretty easily made in the garage, and if I tackle that afghan ever again I will make myself some.