What is this thingy?

Okay, I’m guessing this question has been answered plenty of times, so you’ll have to bear with me. But I’ve been wondering for months now…what the heck is the Pony French Knitter (3 sections down the page)???

I think it’s one of those little teeny looms - you loop yarn around the pegs then pick the yarn off with a hook. it will make a tube with ribbing.

Yup, it’s what many people call a Knitting Knobby – makes a little tube that looks like an i-cord. I guess it technically is an i-cord? My five-year-old has one and looooves it. (She’s very crafty!) :smiley:

Ooooooooh, okay! I guess I figured it’d be used for something like that, but couldn’t imagine wanting to make so much i-cord that you actually needed one of those :?? But I guess it would come in handy…if you hated making i-cord, which I actually :heart: . But I guess I’m wierd for that :wink:

So how’s the little beignet, Bek? (Sorry, couldn’t resist! :lol: )

Haha! That’s so cute :smiley:

From this time forward, it’s no longer a bun in the oven…it’s my little beignet! Thanks :wink:

So far so good, I go to get my lab work done Monday and then I can set my appointment with my doc. Although I’m pretty upset b/c my usual doc (whom I adore) moved to Florida with her family :crying: So, I have to go with someone else in the same physicians group who I don’t really care for, but have heard he’s the best. Oh well, I’m sure my little beignet won’t be scarred b/c of it. Well…let’s hope not :shock:

As for me, I’m fine one sec and absolutely sick the next. And extremely tired ALL THE TIME!!! It’s very different from my first two…never sick OR tired…ever. Ahh, the good ole days. Anyway, I also find I’m a lot more anxious this go round. I really want this pregnancy to go a lot faster. That’s pretty frustrating. But…what can you do?

Anyway, thanks so much for asking :smiley: I love you guys!

Bek, [color=red][size=6]CONGRATS[/size][/color] on the little :XX: beignet!! I didn’t know about this wonderous miracle in your life :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: Happy, Happy for you!

Oh thanks so much! I’m soooo excited! (I have a feeling it’s a girl…YAY! I love boys, but I’m feeling pretty outnumbered :wink: ) I actually found out I was with beignet on the day of the hurricane (picture a frantic search for ANY open pharmacy in the entire city…not finding out was just NOT an option). Talk about a bittersweet day!

So I guess if it’s a girl, Katrina will be her name? BTW my youngest daughter’s name IS Katrina. And yes, she’s heard allll the comments. :rollseyes:

Well, we had actually decided on Samantha a long time ago if it’s a girl. We just love the idea of calling a pretty little princess “Sam”. But a lot of people have said…you better not name her Katrina! But that’s pretty much the way it goes with hurricane names, especially strong hurricanes. It kind of creates a huge taboo about the name. But then again, I’ve heard it used the other way around… i.e., “Man, if this hurricane is anything like my wife, Katrina, it’s gonna kick our butt!”

My daughter responded to all the teasing by saying, “Now you know what happens when I get REALLY mad!”

I had a student named Andrew Dennis. The hurricane connection never occurred to me until this last one when people were saying that my dd had better not date an Andrew or Dennis.

Oh wow! That’s some coincidence! And it sounds like your DD has the right idea :wink: Tell her to keep it up! Besides, it’ll come in handy as an intimidation tool for obnoxious boys.