What is this stitch?

Hello, as a side project I’ve started a baby sweater, not for anyone in particular, just so I can say I’ve done a sweater and knit one for real with confidence.

I’m on the back, starting at the bottom up, and I’m doing the border (haven’t got very far). I though I was doing seed stitch, or moss stitch, but its actually coming out more like teeny-tiny ribbing.
The pattern says:

R1: K1 *P1 K1 rep from * to end
R2: P1 *K1 P1 rep from * to end

Rep these 2 rows 4 more times.

Should I be seeing ribbing or seed/moss stitch.



It’s ribbing. If you end with a knit and start with a purl, it’ll be ribbing.

Thank you!

It’s a good job it didn’t tell me to do seed stitch because I’d be doing the ribbing anyway!


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depends on whether you have an odd number or even number of stitches though