What is this pattern?


My friend just sent this to me, and asked if I could make it. Wondering what stitch that is, or something close to it.
Does it look like a chunky wool?

It does look like chunky wool, or maybe two strands of bulky held together. :thinking:
It kind of looks like seed stitch, with the cast on and bind off rows sewed together.

It shouldn’t be too hard to come up with a pattern for this. Or you could knit it in the round from bottom to top and not have a seam up the side. :figureditout:

Have fun :thumbsup:


You could use these as a guide:







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I agree with Mary in that it does look like a sideways seed stitch with chunky/bulky yarn. Though I think if you knitted it in the round the nubs would be more spread out horizonally and squished vertically.


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looks like seed stitch. You could just knit a rectange of seed stitch and sew it at the ends to make a cylinder. Just make sure you measure the circumference beforehand, and add some length for seam allowance. Or you could just check your gauge and cast on in the round on DPNs and be awar that it is seed stitch. I’m pretty sure it goes like this:

Row 1: k,p,k,p Repeat til beginning of round;
Row 2: p,k,p,k Repeat til beginning of round

Meaning that every knit stitch sits on top of a purl stitch, and vice versa. It’s also called the moss stitch. The yarn looks like worsted weight.