What is this pattern called when I knit

Hi Knitters,
i wonder can anyone answer my question:
I cast on say 41 stitches
k1 p1 right through to last st and k1
each row i continue the same sequence exactly
i always thought it was called either moss stitch or seed stitch pattern
however, having seen videos on both of those stitch patterns…doesn’t look like it is!
and yet it comes out looking like them!**_
Thank you

I cast on odd number
K1 p1 endingbon K1
I do the same for every Row
It comes out looking like seed or moss without the complications

This pattern is seed stitch.

There is some confusion about the definition of moss stitch. That’s why it’s important to consider the particular pattern’s definition of moss.

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Thank you.
I did go on to YouTube earlier and they explained knitting seed stitch totally different to how I knit it!

I always thought they were the same, but I heard of moss first
It’s was explained to me as( in a book)
1)*K1 P1 *to end of row
2) P1 K1to end of row
So as to always be purling what was knit in the previous row ,
Now I am confused

It looks more disorganized than the picture off the seed stitch

This is a good explanation of the difference between seed stitch (also called British moss stitch) and American moss stitch. It’s important to specify whether the patterns are worked over odd or even numbers of sts.

I am Canadian, always in the middle.


Thanks so much for your help.
I watched the video, and have asked her also,