What is this method called?

I don’t know what this method is but I think this is the way most people knit.

It is where you hold one needle in your left hand and in your right hand you hold the other needle and your yarn and some kind of way you wrap the yarn around the left needle and knit like that?

I don’t knit alot because it takes me so long to finish a row and it hurts my wrists and I would like to learn this method instead.
I taught myself to crochet first and then knit so I think that is why I hold my knitting needles almost like I do my crochet hook.
Where can I learn this method? Thanks in advance.

Most people knit by wrapping the yarn around the right needle whether they hold the yarn in the left or right hand. What you describe is a true left handed knit. There are a couple sites that show it (search “left handed knitting”) but you may have trouble following most patterns.

I was just reading your posts, and I used to have the same trouble with my wrists when I knit. You should try using circulars. They’re easier on your wrists, b/c the cable holds a good bit of the weight of whatever you’re knitting. Oh, and the way you knit is called continental knitting. Or at least, that’s what I’ve read. I knit the same way. :slight_smile:

It isn’t continental. In continental knitting while you are holding the yarn in your left hand you are still wrapping it around the right needle, not the left.

You may want to look at the videos under the VIEW VIDEOS tab at the top of the page for videos showing the difference between English and Continental knitting. However as zkimon said both wrap the yarn around the right needle.

If you find that your wrist hurt using your method you may want to look into a totally different style. May I suggest that you search YOUTUBE and look at the Portuguese Style of knitting. In this style you loop the yarn around your neck or around a clip on your shirt and loop the yarn around the needle with your thumbs.

I have shoulder and elbow problems and found all the arm movement of English style painful. I found Portuguese before I mastered Continental and have found it enjoyable and fairly fast.

Oops, sorry got this confused…:oops: I was thinking for some reason that you meant knitting with the yarn in the left hand, and working needle in the right.

No she meant yarn in right hand, but wrapping around the left needle. Moving the sts from the right needle to the left, the opposite of usual knitting which is moving the sts from the left needle to the right.

There are some pictures here showing both methods.

And there are some videos here in KH.

:doh: dang I feel like a retard now lol

thanks for the replies.
if you click on the first link and look at the short video, that is the way I want to learn how to hold my needles and yarn.
I taught myself to crochet before knitting so I hold my needles and yarn as if I were crocheting.
When knitting I hold my needle and yarn in my left and only my right needle in my right hand.I only use circular needles I don’t really like the straight ones.
I hope this makes sense.thanks again

You can knit Continental and lefthanded. If you can’t find a lefty video, just watch the righthanded one in a mirror. (Yes, it works.) The only time you’ll run into problems will be when a pattern specifies a right or left in shaping, and you’ll be able to figure that out. It’ll work.