What is this loop??

Hi, im knitting my first blanket, chunky size 19 kneedles, and im making a stockinette stitch pattern. Yes, its curling, but that was another mistake, im just rolling with it right now… But as im doing a knit row I came across this loop of yarn connecting two stitches, with another unconnected stitch between them? Im so confused as to how it got there or what it is, can anyone help? Also it made what looks like the beginning of a giant hole in my work.
It looks like this:

The normal way to fix this would be to drop the stitch in the middle and (with a crochet hook) pull the loop through the dropped stitch and then placing it back on the needle and with that it would be fixed. However as this loop is so big it might be good to also spread that yarn over the neighbor stitches by using a needle picking up each leg of the neighbor stitches (several stitches in both directions).