what is this knitting technique called?

I remember seeing a pattern for a hat with a bee “embossed” on it. I have tried searching for bee hat patterns, but I mostly see patterns that look like a bee hive or are just alternating black and yellow yarn. The closest thing I’ve found that resembles what I want is a dishcloth pattern. The bee is made by alternating purl and knit stitches. (Here is the link to the pattern I am talking about: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/bee-dishcloth-3 )

What is the correct term for this technique where the image looks “embossed”? I feel like if I could search for the correct term, I might find the pattern I’m looking for.


Hmm…I don’t think there is a correct term really. Embossed seems most likely though.

You could add a bee to any simple pattern with the purls on top of the knits (or vice versa. You can take a pattern like the one you posted or these and use the bee on a hat.


The embossing happens when you do a purl outline stitch pattern like the bee on a stockinette background. The same thing happens when you purl a few sititches on each side of a cable pattern to make it pop out at you.