What is this knitting pattern?

I have searched the internet for days for this pattern. I have read that it is suppose to be a very easy pattern, but apparently very hard to find! Its for a punk mohair sweater. Im not if it would be considered crochet or a lace type of knit.

Can someone please help me find what this patterned is [U]called[/U] and [U]how to do it[/U]?

It may look a little crazy, but I have no clue what it is. If you cant tell im new to knitting so I do know if it would be more of a crochet or a lace? im completely lost…

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Dunno what it is, but you can take a basic sweater pattern, knit it on superlarge needles for the yarn weight. The big holes come from doing a YO, knitting the extra stitch for a few rows then dropping that st down to the YO.

thanks, that helps me get into the right direction.

It is knit, not crochet.

It’s knit. On huge needles with Mohair like you said. And yes those look like nice big YO holes.
It’s cool! I like it

It almost looks like cats paw lace. But cat’s paw has a little more density to it.

Just a suggestion - it looks like a Susan Guagliumi knitting method. She is a machine knitter, but may have some hand knit patterns, also.