What is the Yarn Harlot's yarn?

On the Yarn Harlot’s blog she has been knitting a beautiful multi colored sweater. I was wondering if anyone knows what brand yarn she is using???:shrug: It simply looks divine. I’d love to know what it is. Thanks for any help.:think:

It is called Kauni and it is almost unavailable in the US.
You can order it from www.wollsucht.de in Germany, among other European companies. Janette’s Rare Yarns, on eBay, also has some. The color that McPhee used is Rainbow; most of the other colorways are more subtle.

You can download the pattern free from www.ruths.dk

Thank you for your nice reply.

I guess I’ll wait until they sell it in the states in the future. I sure hope they do anyway.:think: I think the yarn and the colors are simply beautiful.

www.funknits.com in Canada just starting bringing it in (she has different colour ways in stock but for the one Yarn Harlot is using because it is so popular you have to preorder it). Kauni also has a website, www.kauni.com and you could email them directly to see who might have it in the US.