What is the trick?

I am using Lion Brand Organic Cotton. What is the trick to undoing it. It’s not wrapped in a typical skein. My first skein took me a day to untangle, lol. Im hoping to avoid this with the next skein. Here’s a link to what the skein looks like…http://cache.lionbrand.com//yarns/organiccotton.html

Thanks for the help.

That’s called a hank. It will open up into a really large open circle of yarn. The easiest way is to put it on a swift and wind it that way, but you can also put it over your knees, the backs of chairs, have someone hold it on their hands, etc.

LOL, I remember when I was younger, my Mom made us hold it. And we all used to HATE it and it was so boring.
But yeah, just put each end over both your knees and try and go around and around. Make sure you have both ends and see which end seems to come off the hank the easiest.
If you are really getting into knitting, I would invest in a yarn swift and ball winder. It is an investment, but well worth it.
Good luck!

I’ll have to look into one of those things you suggested. Im really enjoying creating things.

Thanks again.

You don’t need a swift or winder, I’ve seen people have all sorts of trouble with them. With yarn packaged like that, I open up the circle and drape it over the arm of a chair or couch (a wooden chair back works too) and wind by hand.

If you buy your yarn from your LYS (local yarn store)they should be happy to wind it for you. Our Michaels will do that,also, I was very surprised to find out recently.

Otherwise, save yourself $90.00 and wind them by hand.

I drape the skein over the back of a dining chair and wind it by hand.

I learned to do it from here:

I have found that my DH gets too bored to hold it for me so I put it between two knobs on my upper kitchen cabinets and wind it from there.