What is the technique for Frogging?

I never heard of “frogging”- what is it & how is it done??

Frogging is just a less-painful term for ripping out your work. Frogs say ‘rip-it, rip-it’. :teehee:

You can do it slowly and carefully or you can just tear it out with anger and frustration. :rofl:

My frogging usually has a bit of aggression. :frog:
And sometimes tears. And some cussing.

My froggin is usually accompanied by various and assundered phrases and words more suited for longshoremen and bakers. (you had better believe that bakers and chefs can outcurse a drunken sailor on any given day :zombie: ):roflhard: I know I are one. :whistle: baker that is…

If you only wanted to rip out a portion of your work, you could take a needle (smaller than the one you are knitting with) and pick up the stitches on the row you want to rip down to. (You pick up the right half of each stitch so it ends up sitting on your needle like it would if you were knitting.) That way, when you get there you don’t have to worry about losing stitches since they’ll be held on the needle.

I hate frogging. So I have learned how to say, “I wanted it to look that way” in a very convincing manner. This even works on obvious boo boos, like putting both arm holes on the same side of the sweater. You call that “interpretive art.” If your scarf is too long, just shrug and say, “you can wrap it around your neck one extra time to stay good and warm.” And if you accidentally make an afghan way too short? Well…that’s a baby blanket! :slight_smile:

Go to www.diynetwork.com, search for knitty gritty, there are tons of videos that show how to do things, in particular there’s one with basics (sorry I don’t remember the exact page!) and shows how to successfully frog - worked great for me. Best of luck.